You know that traffic is much thicker and can be very treacherous due to weather around the holidays. What you may not know is that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the most trafficked days out of the entire year for long distance travelers. This information comes from the RITA Bureau of Travel Statistics. What this statistic means to you is that not only are the days between those holiday’s well traveled, but that they are being traveled by people who may not be overly familiar with the area.

Just knowing these dangers exist should dictate small decisions that you can make every day to be a more vigilant driver. This is your first line of defense. Be aware. Glance at your neighbors while stopped at traffic lights. Does anyone appear to be intoxicated? Is anyone else looking around, like they might not know the area?

If yes, then you know to put as much space between them and you as you possibly and safely can. Don’t stop looking around, however. Just be more aware as you can be. Are there slick or wet spots ahead? Is there a refrigerator box in the your path? Can you safely avoid these?

Are you anticipating troublesome weather as you span the blacktop divide? It might be prudent to stay abreast of weather expectations on days that you will be sharing your auto space with who knows what.

Do you have certain medical limitations that would render you very ill if it weren’t for some well thought out preparations should you be stranded beside the road for any reason?

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Do you belong to an automobile club that will come to you in a moment of mechanical unkindness? You may be able to get assistance to put air in your tires, gasoline in your tank or hire a tow truck. It might be best to shop around for prices for such services, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. You just never know when you’ve inadvertently scored a fresh three inch in diameter nail in one of your front tires.