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List of No Fault States

Posted On 05.24.18 by in Blog

Your options for having damage from an accident paid for by your insurance company depend on the state where you live. Currently, there are twelve states with some variation...

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Liable Definition: What Does Liable Mean?

Posted On 05.17.18 by in Blog

Whether they are business owners or individuals, many people are understandably concerned with what the term liable means and how it may affect them either as a defendant or...

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Getting in a Car Accident in Company Vehicle

Posted On 05.10.18 by in Auto Accidents

One of the reasons driving a company car is such a huge fringe benefit is that it takes away a lot of the responsibility of driving your personal car....

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15 Tips for Safely Driving in the Rain

Posted On 04.19.18 by in Blog

Here in the Baltimore area, we typically get more than 40 inches of rain each year. This means that you’ll frequently have to drive in the rain throughout the...

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How to Treat Chemical Burns

Posted On 04.12.18 by in Blog

Chemical burns can occur at home, work, school, and almost any place you go. Burns from everyday products you handle regularly can have a serious impact. When you work...

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Malpractice Insurance: What You Need to Know

Posted On 04.05.18 by in Blog

We’ve all heard stories where surgeons removed the wrong limb or left surgical tools inside a patient. While these examples certainly fall under the heading of medical malpractice, most...

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Who Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Posted On 03.15.18 by Admin in Personal Injury

Given its name, you may think that workers’ compensation covers anyone who is employed. Unfortunately, this misconception could leave you very disappointed if you ever get injured on the...

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Loss of Consortium Claims

Posted On 02.26.18 by in Blog

If your loved one was severely injured or killed in a personal injury or wrongful death case, you may be eligible to file a loss of consortium claim to...

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Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) In Workers Comp

Posted On 02.19.18 by in Blog

Maximum Medical Improvement Many terms are used to describe workers’ compensation and the injuries that result in work-related claims. Of them, the term maximum medical improvement, or MMI, is...

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How to Prove a Defective Product Liability Claim

Posted On 02.01.18 by in Blog

If you have used a product and it resulted in injury, you might be able to pursue a defective product liability claim. But before you proceed, it is important...

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Understanding Medical Malpractice

Posted On 01.25.18 by in Blog

You’ve probably heard of medical malpractice before, but might be unsure of what this area of the law covers. Whether you just want to be prepared or you think...

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When Workers’ Compensation Won’t Get Approved

Posted On 01.18.18 by in Blog

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance. It provides employers with a safety net, so that if one of their employees gets injured on the job, they don’t have...

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What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Trust in Maryland?

Posted On 01.11.18 by in Baltimore

You’ve heard about a will, and may even have an updated one tucked into a drawer or a safe deposit box. It gives you peace of mind to think...

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How Do I Know if I Have a Maryland Premises Liability Claim?

Posted On 01.04.18 by in Baltimore

If you’ve been injured at a property in Maryland and you’re wondering if you might be able to sue the property owner, this article will help you decide. A Maryland...

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Worst Cases of Medical Malpractice

Posted On 12.07.17 by in Blog

Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the most renowned names in the healthcare field, released some shocking statistics last year: Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in...

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Occupational Accident Insurance vs. Workers’ Compensation – What’s the Difference?

Posted On 11.30.17 by in Blog

Determining the difference between occupational accident insurance versus workers’ compensation can be very confusing. Both types of policies were designed to protect a business in the event that an...

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Posted On 11.21.17 by in General Information

It is that time of the year again – stuffing, cranberry sauce, football, and leftover turkey sandwiches. Thanksgiving is all about coming together with those who we love, and...

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How to Work with a Personal Injury Attorney in Baltimore

Posted On 11.09.17 by in Blog

For the average person, the laws that govern us can be complicated and difficult to understand. When you’ve been injured in an accident the last thing you need to...

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Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Posted On 11.02.17 by in Blog

According to Healthcare IT News, medical mistakes have reached epidemic proportions. In fact, preventable medical errors rank as the third cause of death in the United States, falling just behind...

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How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take?

Posted On 10.27.17 by in Blog

It’s not uncommon for court cases to take a long time. With objections and appeals, settlement offers and negotiations, we’ve all heard of the horror stories of cases lasting...

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