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Interstitial Lung Disease & Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Posted On 09.13.18 by in Blog

Connecting the Dots Between an Interstitial Lung Disease & Your Workers’ Comp Claim What Is Interstitial Lung Disease? Interstitial lung disease is the name of a group of disorders,...

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Personal Injury on Maryland Construction Sites

Posted On 09.06.18 by in Blog

Working a construction job comes with a number of risks. As such, it’s a pretty common environment for personal injury lawsuits to arise. Thanks to all the heavy machinery,...

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Birth Injury Types

Posted On 08.30.18 by in Blog

A birth injury can be long-lasting or temporary, mild or severe. The same type of injury varies in the type and severity of symptoms from one infant to the...

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Ensuring Car Seat Safety

Posted On 08.23.18 by in Auto Accidents

More children are killed by car crashes than by any other single cause (NHTSA, children ages 1 to 12 in the United States). Maryland Car Seat Laws The Maryland...

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Personal Injury Cases in Maryland

Posted On 08.16.18 by in Auto Accidents

Given the broad spectrum they cover, personal injury cases are fairly common here in Maryland. They can come about because someone slipped and fell on someone else’s property, because...

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Hospital Errors Can Cause Cerebral Palsy

Posted On 08.09.18 by in Blog

The birth of a child is a joyful event looked forward to with delight and anxious anticipation for months, sometimes years, beforehand. Many nights are spent reading pregnancy and parenting...

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SHOCKING! More Mothers Are Dying During Childbirth Because of Malpractice

Posted On 08.02.18 by in General Information

Every year, thousands of women die, or suffer life-altering injuries, because doctors and nurses are not performing basic tasks.  A shocking, new investigative report from USA Today confirms that almost...

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Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Posted On 07.26.18 by in Blog

In your first meeting with a personal injury attorney the focus of the meeting is usually on whether or not you have a personal injury case. The discussion will...

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I Was Injured at Work, What’s Next?

Posted On 07.19.18 by in Blog

People get injured at work all of the time. Jobs in some industries such as construction pose a greater risk of injury to their employees. But accidents and injuries can...

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How Much Do Workers’ Comp Attorneys Charge?

Posted On 07.12.18 by in Blog

It isn’t unusual for people who are hurt on the job to try and handle the workers’ compensation process without legal help. They believe the process is a simple...

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Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

Posted On 07.06.18 by in Blog

In all likelihood, you’ll be faced with the decision of whether or not to settle your personal injury claim once it’s made. By and large, defendants have an interest...

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Occupational Hazards in the Workplace

Posted On 06.19.18 by in Blog

No matter your work environment, occupational hazards can put your health and safety at risk. Even what seems like the most benign workplace may have unseen risks you do...

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How Temporary Disability Benefits & Short Term Insurance Protect You

Posted On 06.11.18 by in Blog

Temporary disability insurance (TDI) and short-term disability insurance (SDI) are basically the same thing. Both types of insurance pay compensation when you have to take time off from work...

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List of No Fault States

Posted On 05.24.18 by in Blog

Your options for having damage from an accident paid for by your insurance company depend on the state where you live. Currently, there are twelve states with some variation...

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Liable Definition: What Does Liable Mean?

Posted On 05.17.18 by in Blog

Whether they are business owners or individuals, many people are understandably concerned with what the term liable means and how it may affect them either as a defendant or...

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Getting in a Car Accident in Company Vehicle

Posted On 05.10.18 by in Auto Accidents

One of the reasons driving a company car is such a huge fringe benefit is that it takes away a lot of the responsibility of driving your personal car....

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15 Tips for Safely Driving in the Rain

Posted On 04.19.18 by in Blog

Here in the Baltimore area, we typically get more than 40 inches of rain each year. This means that you’ll frequently have to drive in the rain throughout the...

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How to Treat Chemical Burns

Posted On 04.12.18 by in Blog

Chemical burns can occur at home, work, school, and almost any place you go. Burns from everyday products you handle regularly can have a serious impact. When you work...

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Malpractice Insurance: What You Need to Know

Posted On 04.05.18 by in Blog

We’ve all heard stories where surgeons removed the wrong limb or left surgical tools inside a patient. While these examples certainly fall under the heading of medical malpractice, most...

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Who Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Posted On 03.15.18 by Admin in Personal Injury

Given its name, you may think that workers’ compensation covers anyone who is employed. Unfortunately, this misconception could leave you very disappointed if you ever get injured on the...

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