At Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP we pride ourselves on working hard so that clients can succeed. We are passionate about each one of our clients and always strive to maximize their case results. After the conclusion of [...]


Propecia Lawsuits

The side effects of Propecia, a popular hair loss medication, may increase the risk that men experience erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and other sexual problems, which have been permanent in some cases. PROPECIA LAWSUIT STATUS: Potential claims [...]

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FOSAMAX and its Consequences!

Drug May Result in Countless Lawsuits As much as we would like to believe that medications are always safe, unfortunately that is not the case. And while many drugs and medications do have outstanding results, there are [...]

FOSAMAX and its Consequences!2019-01-29T01:11:22-04:00

Fosamax Information

The below points were provided by Tim O’Brien of Levin Papantonio Thomas Mitchell Echsner & Proctor, P.A.: Fosamax falls within a class of drugs known as biphosphonates. Bisphosphonates are used in chemotherapy for metastatic cancers, including breast [...]

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Fosamax Resources

Fosamax Drug Could Become Next Merck Woe Wall Street Journal   Original Source (Requires Login) Alternative Source

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If you have been affected by osteonecrosis of the jaw (also known as “dead jaw”) or any bone or jaw related issue that is related to taking Fosamax than contact one of the attorneys at our firm [...]


From good hands to boxing gloves

Insurance companies have a number one goal, and that is to reduce (or avoid altogether) paying money to their policyholders. They use many different tactics to try and reach this goal and they have been very effective so [...]

From good hands to boxing gloves2019-01-29T01:08:04-04:00

Car Insurance

Car Insurance is required by all licensed drivers in Maryland, so if you drive you have it so now what? This section of our web site is designed to increase awareness on car insurance companies. So what [...]

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Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation Benefits Question: The Workers’ Compensation claim that I filed on my own has been denied. What can I do now? Answer: You can call us for a free, confidential assessment of [...]

Workers’ Compensation FAQ2019-01-29T01:06:44-04:00

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation is a mandatory employer-paid insurance coverage provided to cover work-related injuries and illnesses. workers’ compensation is the sole remedy provided an employee injured in the course of his/her employment. workers’ compensation benefits are state-determined and [...]

Workers’ Compensation Benefits2019-01-29T01:06:20-04:00

Workers’ Compensation Overview

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides compensation for employees who are injured on the job. It was enacted as a way to reduce litigation on the employees part for compensatory damages for the tort [...]

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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a program where employers pay into an account which will be accessed if and when an employee is injured while on the job. “On the job” means while at your place of business, but [...]

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Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Common causes of radiation burns Today cancer patients have a lot more to deal with than just a life threatening disease. These strong individuals may endure long and harmful radiation treatments from which there can be many [...]

Common Causes of Burn Injuries2019-01-29T01:04:02-04:00

Planning to take a trip during bad weather?

Steps you can take to be prepared Are you planning to take a trip during bad weather? According to statistics, every twelve minutes someone in the United States dies because they have been involved in a car [...]

Planning to take a trip during bad weather?2019-01-29T01:03:44-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions for burn injury victims

According to the American Burn Association, there are about 500,000 burn injuries serious enough to require medical attention per year, and about 4,000 deaths from burns. These include flame burns, scalding liquids, chemical, electrical and other types [...]

Frequently Asked Questions for burn injury victims2019-01-29T01:03:17-04:00

Burn injuries – What are you rights?

What are your rights? Burn victims residing in Maryland need to know you have legal rights. The public is generally unaware of their rights, therefore you may want to speak to us regarding your case. We can [...]

Burn injuries – What are you rights?2019-01-29T01:02:49-04:00

Advice for burn injury victims

Nobody wants to think that they may one day be the victim of a burn injury. However, this injury does happen, and the results can be quite devastating. Not only are burns incredibly painful, but they can [...]

Advice for burn injury victims2019-01-29T01:02:32-04:00

Burn injuries in the home

Somewhere in the United States there is a fire almost every minute. Statistics show that in Maryland over 80% of fire deaths are caused by house fires. Although there are many measures that can be taken to [...]

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Burn Injuries FYI

In 2007, fire killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined.  17,675 civilian injuries were sustained as the result of fires.  A burn can be one of the most devastating injuries a person can ever endure.  As [...]

Burn Injuries FYI2019-01-29T01:01:39-04:00

Catastrophic Injury

The lawyers at Ingerman & Horwitz are trained and experienced in handling catastrophic injury cases. To contact a catastrophic injury lawyer please simply fill out the form on the right and our law firm will contact you [...]

Catastrophic Injury2019-01-29T01:00:52-04:00
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