As we all know, the weather is forever changing. As the weather conditions change, the road conditions change right along with it. Anything including rain, fog, snow and ice can impair our vision, change the way your car handles on the road, and there is an increased risk for accidents. When the bad weather hits, a little extra caution is sometimes all you need to get to wherever your going safely. When extreme weather hits, sometimes it is best to just stay home, unless you absolutely have to be on the roads. A good rule is when bad weather hits, going slow enough to give yourself time to stop.

When it rains we normally do not think about how dangerous the roads can actually be. When driving in the rain you should keep your tires inflated to the right pressure. Also be sure that you have enough tread. Keep your lights and defroster on. Do you best to steer clear of puddles, they could hide potholes. If you happen to hydroplane do not steer or break. You should let off the gas easily until you can feel your tires back on the road again. Try to stay clear of flooded roads. If the storm is severe, stay away from things that could fall on your car, like trees and power lines.

Snow and Ice
Most people do not like to drive out in the snow. If you have to, be sure your tires are inflated to the right pressure. Also be sure that there is enough tread on your tires. Get all the ice or snow off of your car before heading out. When on the road, give yourself three times the stopping distance you would normally need. Try your best to avoid slamming on your brakes, this could cause you to slip and slide. If you don’t have ABS brakes, and find yourself skidding off the road, you should pump your brakes until you stop skidding. Be careful on bridges, because they tend to freeze over first.

When there is fog out, be sure to use your low beam lights. If you see a patch of fog ahead of you, be sure to slow down before you get to it. You should have your windshield wipers and your defroster on. Roll down your window and listen for potential traffic that you may not be able to see.