Something we see far too much of is innocent victims getting injured in an auto accident and not being properly insured. A common misconception is that simply having auto insurance totally protects you, unfortunately that is not the case. Auto insurance is not ‘one size fits all’, there are many options, options that may slightly increase your monthly payment or your deductible however they may also help you save everything you own down the road if you are a victim in a serious accident. We handle injury cases everyday and see the side that some people may never see if they have not been involved in a serious accident. Our goal is to inform you about what you don’t know and how it CAN hurt you. That is what the future of this blog is all about – educating you on important information that can benefit you and your family. Quick example, lets say you are paying $200 per month of car insurance and you got involved in an auto accident, lets say you have $100,000 in medical bills. Now lets also say due to the nature of the accident, your insurance does not cover your medical bills. Looking back on that same example; what if a small increase in your car insurance made before the accident could have given you the extra coverage you need to cover your medical bills? That is just a basic example, and we’ll be going into all of these scenarios in detail in the upcoming weeks.

Some topics we will cover:

  • Uninsured / Under Insured Motorist Coverage 
    What is it and what does it mean to you?
  • Comparisons on car insurance coverage 
    What are the benefits of increasing your coverage? Will it increase your deductible? Will it raise your monthly premium? We’ll go over a few scenarios on what coverage may be a good idea to increase and what exactly that means to you.
  • Car insurance tactics 
    Car insurance companies are extremely smart and use tactics to avoid/minimize paying payouts to their customers. We’ll go over some of these tactics and how they are working to keep money out of your pocket. We’ll also discus some common misconceptions about car insurance companies and their policies.
  • Maryland Law  Find out the important differences in law practiced in Maryland, Virginia, DC, North Carolina and the rest of the United States.