At the beginning of May 2017, the Baltimore Times announced the kick off for another national motorcycle safety awareness month. The article reported that 70 motorcyclists are killed and another 1,400 injured each year in our state. While these campaigns are great at raising awareness,  it doesn’t mean that safety measures should be forgotten now that it’s June.  Your Baltimore personal injury attorney, Ingerman & Horwitz LLP. has a few tips for drivers and cyclists as they work together to share the road all year long.

Motorcycle Safety – Tips for Riders

Riding a motorcycle gives us a great feeling of freedom on the road. If you’re riding a bike, remember you also have the same responsibilities as anyone driving four wheels on the road. Motorcycle safety starts with an awareness of your surroundings and a focus on following the rules of safe operation.

  • First, in Maryland, you must wear a DOT Certified helmet. According to the Maryland Vehicle Association, this includes a composite hard outer shell, a shock-absorbing and a comfort liner, and a retention system (chin strap) to keep the helmet on.
  • Second, Maryland law also requires you to wear approved impact resistant eye protection such as a face shield or goggles.
  • Next, while this gear is not required by law, Ingerman & Horwitz LLP. highly recommends wearing long pants and over-the-ankle-boots as well as a long sleeve jacket and gloves.


Because you are exposed to the elements, it’s important to protect your head and body from the impact of landing on a hard surface.

Motorcycle Safety – Tips for Drivers

When you’re comfy in the cocoon of your vehicle, it’s like your own little world. These days the only thing your car is missing is a refrigerator – it’s that cushy. Sometimes we forget we’re driving a huge heavy bullet down the highway at high speeds. That’s why it’s so important to keep an extra look out for motorcyclists. They’re smaller than our SUVs so they’re harder to spot. Here are some tips for sharing the asphalt safely with our two-wheel road warriors:

  • Whenever you’re changing lanes, look twice; once in your rearview mirrors and once over your shoulder. Watch your blind spots for bikers!
  • Don’t multi-task in the car. Put down your phone, stop changing channels, don’t do your makeup or read the paper.
  • Give riders the space they need to respond to you. Never tailgate a motorcycle or anyone else for that matter.


No advice on motorcycle-vehicle safety would be complete without mentioning the urgency around avoiding drinking and driving. Even one drink isn’t worth the risk you take when you get on your vehicle, whether it has two wheels or four. Always watch your speed and don’t aggressively maneuver in and out of traffic. All of these activities put you more at risk for accidents. Be safe out there!

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