Finding A Top Attorney To Represent You

Getting an attorney is one of best things you can do to protect yourself in any situation. Although it does take an investment on the part of the injured, retaining an experience motorcylce accident attorney can really be seen as an investment in your freedom, time, or money in the long term. The most important step if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident is to meet with a reputable attorney. You’ll need to discuss whether you were compliant with traffic laws, had medical treatment issues, and who may have been at fault. The expertise of a lawyer who knows motorcycle and motor vehicle accident liability is critical.

To wrap things up, most people are aware of the risks that motorcycle riders incur when they take to the roads and highways. Because of the nature of motorcycles, they are much more dangerous than cars and trucks. We know that identifying and seeing a motorcycle can be difficult, especially those with large “blind spots”.

Motorcycle riders should know their legal rights if they are involved in a traffic accident. Insurance laws vary by state, so consulting an accident attorney is always a good idea, especially in motorcylce accident cases.

Determining Responsibility In A Motorcycle Accident

Maryland is a “contributing negligence” state. Therefore, if it is determined that a negligent party caused an accident and you did not contribute to the happening at said accident, you may recover.

If a negligent person causes a motorcycle accident while working for someone else, his or her employer may also be legally responsible for the accident.

Motorcycle Accidents And The Law: What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

A motorcycle accident can be one of the most devastating events in a person’s life. Not only can it drastically change the course of one’s life, but it could be a life-ending event. But, motorcycles aren’t going away – they are a mode of transportation that has no equal. They give a sense of freedom that an enclosed vehicle can’t provide. And they are a great way to see the area you are traveling. But, the sobering facts don’t lie.

Consider the following statistics: Two-thirds of motorcycle accidents are caused by the driver of the other vehicle violating the motorcycle’s right of way. Fact number two: Motorcyclists are about 5 times as likely to be injured as a passenger in a car and 26 times more likely to die in a crash than someone riding in a car. In fact, past studies have shown that motorcyclists are about 16 times more likely than others to die, and about 3 times as likely to be injured, than those in a motor vehicle crash.

These are all tough stats to have to deal with, but its reality. So, what are the issues that motorcycle riders face on a daily basis? One is visual recognition. The fact that motorcycles are small visual targets means they can “hide” from other vehicles. What about motorcycle riding skills?

Operating a motorcycle takes much greater physical coordination skills than a car. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the operator’s lack of basic riding skills. They can also be affected by road and weather conditions. These things happen especially at intersections, where approximately 70 percent of motorcycle-vehicle collisions take place. Another thing that cyclists deal with more than passenger cars or trucks are simple road hazards including potholes, oil slicks, uneven pavement, puddles, debris, ruts, and railroad tracks. Most of the time, cars handle these hazards easily, but it’s much different for motorcycles.

And then there are speed “wobble” accidents. This happens when the front end of a motorcycle gets unsteady and begins to shake or wobble at high speeds. This could be due to a misalignment problem and the manufacturer could be held responsible for any resulting injuries.

What If The Motorcycle Design Or Manufacture Is Defective?

Let’s start with the facts: A motorcycle is lightweight, has no roof, door, safety belts or airbags. A motorcycle is less stable than a car because it only has two wheels. But a defect in a motorcycle’s design or manufacture should always be considered as a potential cause of an accident. You never know what could be going on with the motorcycle. In cases where the motorcycle was the only vehicle involved, there may be more of a chance of design flaw.

There are certain things that you should do if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident:

  • Be sure to get information from other drivers and witnesses. Definitely collect important information from anyone involved: name, phone number, address, driver’s license number, insurance company, policy number, etc. Take pictures with a digital camera.
  •  Don’t leave the accident scene. You’ll need to provide your name and address to a police officer or the other driver. Don’t be subject to criminal penalties, make sure you stay.
  • Don’t make any definitive statements. You can cooperate, and should when the authorities are involved, but don’t risk your legal outcome. Feel free to tell the police officer at the scene any relevant facts about the accident, but don’t make any statements that put you in a position of being responsible for the accident.
  • Get medical attention and keep records. See a doctor soon after an accident. If you do, your medical claims will be taken more seriously.