Last week, Ingerman & Horwitz attended the 121st Annual Maryland State Firefighter’s Association held in Ocean City, Maryland. We were honored to spend time and get to know those who risk their lives everyday to ensure our safety. We also had the unique opportunity to educate these hardworking men and women on some laws that are designed to protect their interests and the interests of their loved ones in the unfortunate event of an injury or health issue related to their day-to-day activities.

Firefighters are exposed on a daily basis to stress, smoke, heat and various toxic substances. As a result, firefighters are far more likely to contract heart disease, lung disease and cancer than other workers. And as firefighters increasingly assume the role of the nation’s leading providers of emergency medical services, they are also exposed to infectious diseases. Heart disease, lung disease, cancer and infectious disease are now among the leading causes of death and disability for firefighters, and numerous studies have found that these illnesses are occupational hazards of firefighting.

Did you know that forty-two states, including Maryland, have enacted “presumptive disability” laws?
These laws presume that cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers and certain infectious diseases contracted by fire fighters are job-related for purposes of workers’ compensation and disability retirement unless proven otherwise.

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