If you’ve been injured at a property in Maryland and you’re wondering if you might be able to sue the property owner, this article will help you decide.

Maryland premises liability claim seeks to prove that the owner of the property was at fault for your injury. But Maryland liability is based on a system of fault; property owners are not necessarily liable if you injure yourself. However, if there was a dangerous condition on the property that the owner failed to remedy, they may be at fault.

Let’s look more closely at the issues surrounding premises liability claims in Maryland.

Slip and Fall Liability in Maryland

Premise liability cases can stem from issues at a commercial property such as an apartment or retail store, or at a private home.

The basic issue in Maryland is that liability is tied to neglect by the property owner. This could include:

– A swimming pool where the depth isn’t properly marked, causing someone to hit his or her head on the bottom of the pool.
– Cracks in sidewalks or crumbling curbs that cause a person to fall.
– Stairs that are broken or missing handrails causing a spill.
– Electric shock from exposed wiring.
– Toxic mold in an apartment building causing illness.
– Inadequate lighting in a parking lot.

However, it is still the responsibility of the liability lawyer to prove that the property should have known or did know about the dangerous conditions and failed to fix it before the injury occurred. This is different from personal injury cases because it is a problem on the property itself that caused the injury to the innocent party.

Liability will be established by a Maryland judge or jury; their job is to rule on whether negligence caused the incident that resulted in the injury. The personal injury lawyer must prove that the property owner did not maintain the facility or grounds in such a way that was reasonable or safe. The jury or judge will determine if the owner was aware of the problem and had enough time to fix the issue.

For example, say you slip and fall in a puddle of milk on the floor at the grocery and twist your knee. If a customer caused that puddle 15 minutes before you fell, it’s unlikely you have a case. But if there is an unfixed crack in the sidewalk in front of the grocery store that’s been there for years and you trip and fall, there may be a legal remedy for the incident.

Premise liability claims are extremely complex. Finding an experienced lawyer to first, assess the likelihood of a viable case, and then assemble proof that the property owner was at fault, is difficult. In Maryland, call Ingerman & Horwitz, a firm with a successful track record of obtaining successful results in these cases.

Maryland Injury Lawyers

Ingerman & Horwitz has an experienced team of attorneys that can efficiently assess your case to determine the likelihood of a successful outcome. We’ve worked with dozens of families across the state to secure the compensation they deserve, whether the case is a premise liability, personal injury, or wrongful death. The next time you’re wondering if the law is really on your side, contact us to find out how we can help.

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