Here in Baltimore, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission oversees how Workers’ Compensation functions should you get injured on the job. Hopefully, you’ll never need to understand how this affects you, but should you get hurt while at work, you may be wondering when coverage begins. While having an attorney will make a big difference during this difficult time, a common question we can answer today is regarding whether or not an employer has to pay you for the entire day if you leave early for the hospital.

Do you lose wages for getting treated?

“Am I going to lose my pay for the day?”

When Injured on the Job in Baltimore

First and foremost, if you get hurt on the job, seek medical attention right away. It’s never going to be to your advantage to put off a professional’s help. Keep in mind, too, that the bill will go to your employer, their insurance company or the state. This is true even if the claim you eventually file gets denied.

The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act says that you are entitled to compensation for lost wages as a result of the time you spend being examined by a physician, or in the hospital. You are also entitled for compensation if you must attend a Commission hearing. That compensation can also include travel time.

Compensation After Your Filing

While workers’ compensation laws are fairly similar across the country, there are some unique elements of the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act that you should pay attention to if you’re working in Baltimore.

Should you file a claim and it gets approved, then you can get paid back for the time you missed when you were at the hospital. However, that’s then considered the first day of your disability. If you end up taking time off work to get medical attention and drive yourself, your mileage will be reimbursed with a successful filing too.

Your employer is required to add these items to your full compensation. However, you must meet the conditions of a covered injury, “in the course of employment.” The Commission reviews your case and decides if you qualify. While you can appeal a decision, it’s important to have a successful first filing.

The Importance of Filing a Successful Claim

It should probably go without saying that you have a lot riding on filing a successful disability claim. This is the case whether you needed to leave work early or not because of an injury.

This is why hiring an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Baltimore is so important. If you’re concerned about getting paid for the couple or hours or so you missed when getting medical attention after a work injury, imagine what you’ll feel like if your claim gets denied.

While you could appeal such a decision, this isn’t easy and, even in the best case scenario, will mean the money you deserve is delayed in getting to you. Work with a qualified attorney in Baltimore and you’ll have far less to worry about during an appeal, much less with the initial filing.

Although you may not get the rest of your work day paid out right away after an injury, filing a workers’ compensation claim will get you the money you’re entitled to.

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