Like other Marylanders, we were shocked to hear about allegations against former Johns Hopkins physician Nikita Levy, a gynecologist who may have been photographing and videotaping patients.  Levy worked at the East Baltimore Medical Center, and had been practicing for over twenty years.

Hopkins sent notices to patients in early February that it had cut ties with Levy, and they are sending other letters now describing the allegations against Levy.  Hopkins states that they were told about the allegations on February 4, and that they promptly notified the police and fired him on February 8.  On February 18, Dr. Levy was found dead in his home from an apparent suicide.  There is reportedly a large amount of confirmatory evidence at his home.

Johns Hopkins has stepped up and offered counseling to all of Dr. Levy’s patients—they can call 855-546-3785.  A police sex crimes unit is investigating, and Hopkins is conducting its own internal investigation.  Their official statement can be found here.  Some people believe Hopkins waited too long to tell patients that they may have been photographed, while others accept that these investigations take time and that Dr. Levy has seen thousands of patients over his career.

Community reaction has been mixed, with some patients standing loyal at this point, and others condemning the doctor.  It’s too early to say with certainty the scope of Dr. Levy’s misconduct, or whether Johns Hopkins should have known about any errant behavior earlier.  As an employee, however, Johns Hopkins may be ultimately responsible for any privacy violations by Dr. Levy. We’ll see how Hopkins deals with the inevitable lawsuits.

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