Some motorcyclists view it as a convenient and cheap and method of transportation, while others view it as a lifestyle.  Whether riding an old-time Harley Davidson or the newest sport bike, injured motorcyclists face significant prejudices when seeking a motorcycle settlement or verdict.

Misguided Stereotypes

In our experience, motorcyclists tend to be more responsible than the average car driver.  Most of our motorcycle clients have taken numerous hours of training, wear helmets and other protective gear, and have clean driving records.

However, the stereotypes that pervade our culture are the grizzled law-breaking biker gang members, or the “crotch-rocket” joyriders.  Many people automatically assume that a motorcyclist who was in an accident was at fault.

Our job when investigating your case, negotiating with the insurance company, and presenting your case at trial is the same—minimize the damage of those stereotypes, and show how your situation is different.  We discuss your safety record, and separate you from the negative stereotypes.

Many motorcycle injuries happen because negligent drivers do not keep a proper lookout when merging into other lanes.  Of course, a motorcycle injury has more potential to be devastating because the rider is not completely enclosed in a steel cage like other motorists.

Maryland Law

In Maryland, insurance companies are allowed to withhold PIP (personal injury protection) insurance from motorcyclists.  PIP is money used to pay medical expenses regardless of fault.  Motorcyclists in Maryland have mandatory helmet requirements.

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