Tragically, Maryland residents are now included among the some 270 cases of meningitis that have been reported around the country. Cases of the outbreak have been reported in 16 states, and have already caused 23 deaths. The following are some useful links for Marylanders who suffer, or know someone who suffers, from the recent meningitis outbreak:

Voices of Meningitis

Founded by the National Association of School Nurses, Voices of Meningitis acts as a Meningococcal Disease prevention Campaign, which offers precautionary measures, resources, information, advice, and support to those who suffer, or have a loved one who suffers, from this disease.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC provides regular updates on the latest developments in its coordinated investigation with the Food and Drug Administration, and state and local officials into the meningitis outbreak. Check here regularly, for developments in the most recent geographic statistics.

New England Compounding Center

The New England Compounding Center, the manufacturer linked to the outbreak, has provided a general statement, contact number, voluntary recall of all products, and a list of all products to be recalled.

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Hospital website provides general information, including symptoms of both bacterial and fungal meningitis, with resources specifically beneficial to children.

Free Consultation

If you believe you or someone you love exposed to meningitis from a tainted steroid injection, you could be due substantial damages for medical bills, loss of wages, or other suffering. Please contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the law offices of Ingerman and Horwitz at 1- 800-776-4529 or use the link here for a free consultation. With five offices conveniently located throughout Maryland, from Cumberland to Baltimore, to Salisbury, we have the optimum blend of legal experience and diversity to tirelessly fight for your rights.