Here Are Examples of Successful Outcomes We Have Reached for Our Clients:
“Slip and Fall” Accidents

Our client “Ms. J” was injured while vacationing at a Maryland Eastern Shore beach hotel. She was leaving the hotel when she slipped on a surface made slick by a hose that was negligently left near the hotel pool. The hotel owner and property manager had failed to properly maintain the area and to inspect for dangerous conditions. The slick walkway caused Ms. J to fall and fracture one of her extremities. Ms. J had been vacationing in Maryland and initially hired an attorney from her home state once she returned home. Unfortunately, the “home state” attorney was not able to reach any resolution on behalf of Ms. J. The insurance carrier for the hotel had given her a mere $660 prior to our representing Ms. J. Our experienced lawyers secured a settlement in excess of $85,000 for Ms. J, which covered all of her medical bills and compensated her for her pain and suffering.

Another client, “Ms. K” was shopping at a local branch of a national pet food store chain. The store manager failed to ensure that the sidewalk outside was free of debris and/or ice. In addition, the property manager failed to warn of any known dangers in the area. Unfortunately, our client slipped and fell, suffering connective tissue injuries in her neck and lumbar spine. The store chain initially denied any responsibility for Ms. K’s fall and refused to pay anything for her injuries. Our experienced lawyers hired experts who were able to prove that the walkways were not properly maintained. We filed a lawsuit and secured a settlement of over $75,000 for Ms. K.

“Mr. G” was a resident of a newly developed housing community in suburban Baltimore. The property manager failed to properly maintain the roadways in the development and a pothole developed in a community roadway. Mr. G sustained a knee injury which required surgery when he tripped and fell into that pothole. Despite notice by other residents of the community, the management company failed to either fix the pothole or to place a warning sign near the hazard. This case was referred to our firm by another firm that had failed to obtain any settlement offer for Mr. G. Our experienced attorneys filed suit and secured $175,000 for Mr. G.

“Ms. Y” was a domestic worker who cleaned apartments and businesses for a living. One day, while walking form one apartment building in a complex to another, she slipped and fell on loose cement that had deteriorated, creating a hazardous condition.  We first secured for her Workers’ Compensation benefits, which paid her wages and medical bills. In addition to her Workers’ Compensation money, we secured a settlement of over $300,000 to fairly and reasonably compensate Ms. Y for her pain, suffering, and inconvenience following the accident.

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