The smoking-cessation aid Chantix (varenicline) has recently been linked to increased heart problems for people who have cardiovascular disease.

According to the FDA, Chantix is more likely than a placebo to cause an increased risk of heart problems, including angina pectoris, nonfatal myocardial infarction, need for coronary revascularization, and new diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease.

This could be a huge problem, especially in light of the fact that smoking itself is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Manufacturing and prescribing a drug known to increase the risks of heart problems in people who already have, or are already at risk for, cardiovascular disease could be seen as negligence. But, it wouldn’t be the first time Pfizer, the drug’s manufacturer, had been accused of negligence in the manufacture of Chantix.

In 2009, several studies that linked Chantix (varenicline) to suicide and mood problems caused the FDA to require the manufacturer to include a boxed warning that cautioned consumers to stop taking the drug if they experienced “any serious and unusual changes in mood or behavior … or feel like hurting themselves.”

Since Chantix’s release in 2006, there have been over 800 instances of depression/psychosis and 500 cases of suicidal thoughts attributed to the drug. Evidence suggests that Pfizer was aware of the mental health risks associated with the drug shortly after its release. Additional evidence suggests that the company may have buried the information or mislabeled the effects as “non-serious.” (For more information, read this article.)

If you, or a loved one, have experienced or are experiencing adverse side effects, such as suicidal thoughts or cardiovascular problems, as the result of taking Chantix, you should seek medical attention and then contact a product liability attorney. An experienced attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into your case to determine whether any liability factors are present and whether the manufacturer committed negligence.

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