If you’ve been injured while on the job you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers pay into an insurance pool that can be accessed if you have an accident on the job. This could be while you’re on-site at the company, or if you are out running errands on company time.

Workers’ compensation can pay:

– Medical bills
– Some of your paycheck while you are out of work
– A lump sump “pain and suffering” payment

But, like a lot of government programs, the system is very complicated. If you feel you have a workers’ compensation claim, consult an experienced workers’ comp lawyer.

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Settlements

The Insurance Journal published findings from Traveler’s Insurance that sought to track the more common injuries covered under workers’ compensation claims. They reviewed claims between 2010 and 2014 and found the top claims included the following on-the-job injuries:

– Contusions (12% of all claims)
– Cuts and punctures (19%)
– Fractures (5%)
– Inflammation (5%)
– Strains and sprains (30%)

The study found that eye injuries were the most common, particularly in construction and manufacturing. Falling from a height was one of the top causes of injuries in the construction trade.

Injuries with the highest costs to treat included:

– Amputations
– Crushing and multiple trauma injuries
– Dislocations
– Electric shock

How do these injuries occur? The most frequent incidents of work-related injuries included:

– Being struck or colliding with an object (10% of all incidents)
– Material handling (32%)
– Tool-related accidents (7%)
– Traumas that occur due to muscle strain or overuse of a particular body part over time (4%)

Even minor injuries can greatly impact the productivity of a workforce and impact a businesses bottom line. That’s why most workplaces have instigated safety in the workplace programs with the goal of no injuries.

Getting a Fair Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Maryland

After filing the workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company may offer you a lump sum to settle your claim. You may elect to refuse this and proceed to a trial in order to seek higher damages. This is a risky maneuver because you could end up with less than the settlement at the end of the process. This is where an experienced attorney could help advise you and your family.

If your work-related injury caused permanent and long lasting damage, you are likely entitled to a disability payment. Before negotiations with the insurance carrier on whether you are entitled to these payments, you should talk with your attorney to determine the most effective course of action.

The settlement should always include payment for your medical treatments, including predicted treatments that you will need in the future. The wording of the settlement needs to be carefully crafted because it could affect your long-term ability to receive payments down the road. This is another area where an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer could come in handy.

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