Assault and Workers’ Compensation

When most of us think of workers’ compensation claims, we usually think of someone slipping at their jobsite or something falling on their head. Depending on what caused the accident, the employer is generally found responsible because [...]

Assault and Workers’ Compensation2015-06-16T14:28:38-04:00

Personal Injury Claims Involving Assault and Battery

In most situations, personal injury cases involve accidents. However, intentional actions can cause injury too, such as assault and battery. In civil court, assault and battery are called intentional torts (wrongs) in the context of personal injuries. [...]

Personal Injury Claims Involving Assault and Battery2014-11-14T19:55:44-04:00

Another Baltimore Doctor Behaving Badly.

Doctor Y.K. Ramaiah of Baltimore was arrested and is now out on bail for charges of sexual offenses and assault.   Doctor Y.K. Ramaiah had a general physician's office located at 447 North Kenwood Avenue in east [...]

Another Baltimore Doctor Behaving Badly.2014-05-01T15:05:04-04:00
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