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Burn Injuries – What are you rights?

We have recently updated our firm web page burn injury section. The new page featured advice on burn injury victims and their rights. Take a read at the article or view all our burn injury resources.

Burn Injuries – What are you rights?2011-08-11T05:04:16-04:00

How burn injury degrees are classified

First degree burns are to those that are limited to the outer layers of skin, which may be red, charred, and swollen. Second degree burns show the same symptoms but affect not only the outer layer (epidermis) [...]

How burn injury degrees are classified2013-08-19T12:41:06-04:00

Faulty Wiring Injuries

Household fires are the leading cause of burn injuries and fire-related deaths in Maryland. Many of those fires are the result of defective products and could have been prevented. Two common defective products are faulty wiring and [...]

Faulty Wiring Injuries2018-12-11T13:12:02-04:00
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