construction site accidents

Construction Workers gets $5 million Settlement from Workplace Injury

This winter, a construction worker from Buffalo, NY received a $5 million settlement from the employer and property owner for an accident that occurred in 2008. While working, he suffered a serious fall that gave him several [...]

Construction Workers gets $5 million Settlement from Workplace Injury2015-04-27T13:55:51-04:00

Paving Accident at Baltimore Airport

According to OSHA, construction site jobs are some of the most dangerous positions in the country. Accidents that occur on these sites can lead to severe injury, permanent disability, and death. As a result, workers who have [...]

Paving Accident at Baltimore Airport2015-04-13T13:29:05-04:00

Construction Worker Accidents

Anytime there are accidents involving people who are on the job, it is the responsibility of OSHA to investigate the situation and ensure the accidents do not happen again. OSHA also reports information on common workplace accidents, [...]

Construction Worker Accidents2015-04-03T13:43:59-04:00
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