An app that makes you a safer driver? It could happen.

We work with car accident victims all the time, so we know that one of the most dangerous driving behaviors a person can engage in is texting and driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports [...]

An app that makes you a safer driver? It could happen.2014-01-21T10:18:15-04:00

Distracted Driving Information For Drivers

It is almost axiomatic how dangerous distracted driving can be.  We hear about it on the news, in lawsuits, and we know that people are being seriously hurt and killed because of cell phone use in automobiles.  [...]

Distracted Driving Information For Drivers2014-08-11T18:34:23-04:00

Evidence in Distracted Driving Lawsuits

Many of our Maryland and West Virginia automobile accident clients tell us that they believe the negligent driver was illegally using a cell phone at the time of the collision.  Often this is because our clients witness [...]

Evidence in Distracted Driving Lawsuits2014-08-12T18:46:45-04:00

West Virginia Distracted Driving Lawsuits

Effective July 1, 2012, West Virginia has a comprehensive law restricting the use of cell phones by drivers.  As the 36th state to ban texting and driving, West Virginia’s legislators clearly agree that cell phone use is [...]

West Virginia Distracted Driving Lawsuits2014-08-12T18:49:01-04:00

Maryland Distracted Driving Lawsuits

  If there is one significant trend we have noticed over the past ten years in our automobile accident lawsuits, it’s that a significant number of accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted by cell phones, [...]

Maryland Distracted Driving Lawsuits2014-08-12T18:48:07-04:00
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