The first degree burn is the most common of all burn types and the least troublesome. This does not mean that it is not painful as you can probably well remember from the last time you touched a hot burner or fell asleep in the sun. There is still a bit of nerve interaction and this can hurt. In fact they can hurt a lot. There are a number of ways that you can deal with these burns to limit the pain and help them heal faster.
Always start by gently removing any clothing that might be in the way of dealing with the burn. The first rule of thumb is to cool off the area that was burned. Cold water for a number of minutes is the fastest as most effective way to do this. Running the burn under the faucet or using cold towels will both work. This will at least keep the burn from getting worse. In many cases, this immediate action will take care of the burn, at least from a treatment perspective. However, never use ice since it will damage skin even further. Many people who suffer 1st degree burns will stop right here with taking care of them.
To alleviate a bit of the pain you also might consider an aspirin or two. This might take away a bit of the sting and pain that is being experienced as well as any inflammation. Many people ignore this step and regret it later. To top it all off, you will want to put on some soothing creams such as aloe vera which will also pull away some of the sting (and is what many sun bathers will put on their sun burns).
Make sure you don’t use any types of butters or antiseptic creams on burns since they might do more harm than good. Also never pop open a blister. Let it heal on its own. It will have less of a chance to get infected. As with other skin ailments, use Vitamin E and C on the skin to help heal it as well. First degree burns are fast, self healing and usually never need medical attention. Make sure you take care of it correctly so that the pain will go away sooner.
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