If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, and you suffer an accident or injury while on the job, you have certain rights. Those rights ensure that you are able to get compensation for your medical bills, your expenses, your lost wages, and other costs. If you hire an attorney in Baltimore, then you will get the expert legal advice you need, in order to ensure your rights are handled properly in workers’ compensation claims. However, you should always do your own research, as well, so that you know what you will be going through.

Your Rights

If your injury is job related, then you will be able to file a claim. This could go well beyond what you may realize too. For example, it doesn’t just cover injury from accidents. If you have to do repetitive things over and over for your job, you could suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, lung disease, or a bad back. These types of situations would be covered by workers’ compensation too. Other things that you need to know include:

• Work related doesn’t just include on the job. If you are injured at a business sponsored function, then you will be able to file a claim.
• These days, workers’ compensation covers more than just physical injury. You can also make claims for mental distress or stress-related illness.
• You can receive more than just the cost of your medical bills. Expenses related to the injury can be covered, as well as a percentage of your lost wages.
Of course, you may not know how to claim these types of compensation if you don’t have the proper legal representation, so once again, it makes the most sense to hire an attorney.

Where Your Rights Don’t Go

There are certain things that workers’ compensation will not cover. And, your rights will only extend so far. These things include:

• If you were intoxicated or high when the injury occurred
• If your injury was self-inflicted
• If you were injured in a fight that you started
• If you were violating company policy when you were injured
• If you were injured committing a felony
• If you were injured and it was not connected to your job

Additionally, if you are laid off before you make the claim, you won’t be able to receive compensation. That’s because the insurance company will argue that you are only filing the claim in retaliation for losing your job. You also have to be a full employee of the company. Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover contract workers. A few other types of employees will not be covered. An example of this would be volunteer firefighters, in most cases. Your attorney will help you determine if you will even be covered for your injury.

If you have a workers’ compensation claim, make sure you understand what your rights are and where they don’t extend. Then, make sure you hire an attorney. You need a lawyer who will fully understand your rights and can help you through the whole claims process.