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Category: Construction Site Accidents

Filing a Construction Workers’ Compensation Claim

Posted On 10.11.18 by in Blog

It’s all too easy to get hurt while working on a construction site. The combination of dozens, even hundreds of people, heavy machinery, tall heights and weather conditions can...

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Personal Injury on Maryland Construction Sites

Posted On 09.06.18 by in Blog

Working a construction job comes with a number of risks. As such, it’s a pretty common environment for personal injury lawsuits to arise. Thanks to all the heavy machinery,...

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What a Construction Site Injury Means to You Legally.

Posted On 12.28.15 by in Blog

Construction jobs are among the most dangerous in the country. EHS Today lists them among the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the county. What is even more disturbing...

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Construction Workers gets $5 million Settlement from Workplace Injury

Posted On 04.29.15 by in Baltimore

This winter, a construction worker from Buffalo, NY received a $5 million settlement from the employer and property owner for an accident that occurred in 2008. While working, he...

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