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Category: Insurance

Understanding Medical Malpractice

Posted On 01.25.18 by in Blog

You’ve probably heard of medical malpractice before, but might be unsure of what this area of the law covers. Whether you just want to be prepared or you think...

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How to Work with a Personal Injury Attorney in Baltimore

Posted On 11.09.17 by in Blog

For the average person, the laws that govern us can be complicated and difficult to understand. When you’ve been injured in an accident the last thing you need to...

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Why Workers’ Compensation Claims Get Denied

Posted On 08.17.17 by Admin in Insurance

Workers’ compensation claims seem simple enough to most people. If you’re injured while on the job, you get to sue your employer, right? While you can certainly file the...

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Does Maryland Place a Cap on Medical Malpractice?

Posted On 06.08.17 by in Blog

U.S. News & World Report tells us that medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in our country today. This means that ten percent (10%) of the...

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How to Get Disability Benefits You Deserve

Posted On 05.25.17 by in Blog

Few of us hope to find ourselves in need of disability benefits. However, sometimes things happen, and we end up injured — often through no fault of our own....

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4 Things to Do NOW if You Already Gave a Statement to the Insurance Company

Posted On 04.20.17 by in Auto Accidents

“I was in a car accident recently. I already gave the insurance adjuster a statement and have not hired a personal injury attorney yet.” Q- “Have I messed up...

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What to Consider When Buying Car Insurance

Posted On 03.30.17 by in Blog

Having auto insurance is one of the most important decisions you could make when considering the financial security of your family. Not only is carrying auto insurance necessary, but...

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Passenger Accident Claims – What to do After a Car Accident

Posted On 03.23.17 by in Auto Accidents

None of us ever want to get into a car accident, but most people are fairly confident they know what to do in such an event. First, you ensure...

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The Hidden Consequences of an Auto Accident

Posted On 03.10.17 by in Auto Accidents

There is an unmentioned and often dismissed aspect of car accidents that we’d like to discuss briefly today. That is the fact that along with physical injuries and property...

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Steps to Follow After an Auto Accident

Posted On 02.24.17 by in Auto Accidents

An auto accident can happen at any moment- that’s why it’s so important to know what to do, and what NOT to do, if you’re ever involved in one....

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Dealing With Insurance Companies After A Car Accident

Posted On 02.16.17 by in Auto Accidents

There are two defying moments whenever you’ve been involved in an auto accident—the first is right after the accident, and the second is when medical treatment ends. The first...

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Their Car Insurance Won’t Pay. What Should I Do?

Posted On 11.03.16 by in Auto Accidents

It seems like a no-brainer: If someone else causes an accident that results in an injury to you, their insurance should cover the costs involved in your treatment and...

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What to Do When Involved In a Hit and Run Accident

Posted On 10.27.16 by in Auto Accidents

When an accident happens in Maryland and the at-fault driver disappears or is uninsured, and there is no other insurance available, an injured victim may have recourse through the...

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Tips on Handling a Car Accident

Posted On 09.29.16 by in Auto Accidents

Chances are that, at some point, you are going to be in a car accident. How you handle the car accident is very important, especially if you have been...

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5 Situations that Call for a Personal Injury Attorney

Posted On 09.15.16 by in Auto Accidents

In a perfect world, personal injury attorneys wouldn’t be needed. When you were injured in an accident, the insurance company of the responsible party would offer a fair settlement,...

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Uber Accident – Rideshare Accidents | Your Rights As a Passenger

Posted On 08.18.16 by in Auto Accidents

It seems that overnight, ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have spread across the state of Maryland and the entire country. In fact, Uber says it does 1 million rides...

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Were You Hit by an Uninsured Driver? Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted On 08.04.16 by in Auto Accidents

Every year, there are over 100,000 car accidents in Maryland. Approximately 40% of which causes some sort of personal injury. What’s even scarier is that about 13% of motorists...

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The Truth About Insurance Companies

Posted On 06.29.16 by in Auto Accidents

Insurance companies make their business under the guise of pretending they exist for the benefit of their policyholders. And, while they used to protect their policyholders, that’s no longer...

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The Top 5 Tips for Dealing with an Insurance Company After a Car Wreck

Posted On 04.29.16 by in Auto Accidents

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of car accidents resulting in an insurance claim. Insurance companies are there to make money by charging premiums, but to make a...

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What You Need to Know About Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Insurance & Claims.

Posted On 12.10.15 by in Blog

Under the area of law known as “Personal Injury”, individuals who are injured in an accident that is someone else’s fault have the right to file a claim to...

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