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Category: Press Room

Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP Announces Attorney Promotions

Posted On 07.10.13 by in Press Room

Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP announced today that David Jackson and Aaron Schwartz have been promoted to Partners effective immediately. The announcement was made today by Bruce Ingerman and Alan...

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Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP Announces Participation in Washington County, Maryland Legal Pro Bono Day

Posted On 04.26.13 by in Press Room

Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP announced today its participation in Washington County, Maryland’s Pro Bono Legal Clinic being held on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013. The Washington County Bar Association in...

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Vaginal Mesh Jury Verdict: $11.1 Million

Posted On 03.05.13 by in Blog

The first Johnson & Johnson vaginal mesh case has gone to trial, and the manufacturer lost big—the jury came back with a $3.35 million verdict.  Making things worse for Johnson...

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Johns Hopkins Steps Up To Right A Wrong

Posted On 02.20.13 by in Press Room

Like other Marylanders, we were shocked to hear about allegations against former Johns Hopkins physician Nikita Levy, a gynecologist who may have been photographing and videotaping patients.  Levy worked...

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Johnson & Johnson: First Defective DePuy Hip Trial

Posted On 02.14.13 by in Press Room

  The first trial of about 10,000 cases over Johnson & Johnson’s defective DePuy hip replacement devices has started in Los Angeles, California.  These hip devices are from a...

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Five Dollar Footlong Lawsuits

Posted On 02.03.13 by in Press Room

  A pair of New Jersey residents and their lawyer have filed what they hope will be a class action lawsuit against fast-food chain Subway.  The allegation is simple—the $5...

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Consumer Alert: Deadly “Monster” Energy Drinks

Posted On 01.29.13 by in Blog

  More and more reports are coming to light about dangerous highly caffeinated beverages like Monster Energy Drinks.  These are beverages that contain high amounts of caffeine, additives, and...

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Nursing Home Injuries & Fraud

Posted On 01.15.13 by in Blog

  A Georgia nursing home has settled fraud claims with the Department of Justice for over half a million dollars.  The settlement of $613,300.00 was made possible by the efforts...

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Maryland Waivers: Activities Your Kids Should Or Shouldn’t Participate In?

Posted On 01.10.13 by in Blog

A recent news article caught my eye—the California Supreme Court is deciding the extent of liability for people injured at amusement parks.  In a filed case, a woman states...

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Subaru Recalls some 634,000 Vehicles

Posted On 01.08.13 by in Blog

Subaru announced late last week that it would recall 633,842 vehicles, including Forester models made between 2009-2012, Legacy and Outback models made between 2010-2011, and Tribeca models made between...

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Florida Wrongful Death Case: Hit-And-Run

Posted On 01.03.13 by in Press Room

A lawsuit was filed in Oregon for a fatal December 2010 hit-and-run.  Mr. Toner was walking his dog in the grass when a truck swerved off the road and...

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Meningitis Outbreak Information

Posted On 12.24.12 by in Blog

Between May 21 and September 26, people in Maryland and throughout the United States receiving epidural steroid injections were at risk of contracting potentially deadly fungal meningitis.  We all...

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Hot Tea: Can I File A Claim In Maryland For Burn Injuries?

Posted On 12.17.12 by in Burn Injury

The news is reporting a new beverage-spill lawsuit, this time in a Nashville, Tennessee case against Southwest Airlines.  The all-to-familiar story goes like this: Woman boards plane. Woman orders tea....

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Maryland sees 2nd death, Virginia 13th lawsuit linked to the Meningitis Outbreak

Posted On 12.11.12 by in Press Room

In neighboring Virginia 13 lawsuits have now been filed in the Roanoke area against Insight Imaging, a Virginia based diagnostic imaging service, and The New England Compounding Center (NECC),...

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Another Ford Recall: Approximately 74,000 Escapes and over 16,000 Fusions

Posted On 12.07.12 by in Press Room

The possibility of engine fires due to issues with overheating have forced Ford Motor Co. to issue a recall. Ford’s recall includes the 2013 model of 15,833 Fusion sedans...

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Joint US, Canadian recall of Toro Riding Mowers

Posted On 12.05.12 by in Press Room

Toro Rider Mowers Recall Toro Riding Mowers issued a voluntary recall of its Toro Z® Master Riding Mowers due to fire hazard. The hazard can be caused when the...

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Disaster-racked Americans are finding out the insurance deck is stacked

Posted On 05.22.12 by in Press Room

Even before the official start of hurricane season last week, two named storms have already hit the East Coast. It’s time ask – does your homeowners insurance policy really...

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Burn Injuries Double as Fire Inspectors Increasingly Point to Faulty Electrical Appliances

Posted On 02.24.12 by in Press Room

Fewer people died from fires in Baltimore last year than in any other year since the city started keeping records. That doesn’t mean, however, that there were fewer fires....

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Citizen Cain and Penn State cases cast spotlight on serial sexual harassment

Posted On 02.17.12 by in Press Room

With more victims claiming serious sexual harassment at the hands of Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, an avalanche of moral disgust has engulfed the nation. In a new CBS...

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Insurance companies using Facebook and other social media to spy on injured workers

Posted On 02.10.12 by in Press Room

The Ingerman & Horwitz L.L.P. law firm has just issued a warning to its thousands of clients that should have an immediate and wide-ranging impact within the legal community....

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