Social Security

Disability Benefits While Working

If you have disability benefits and you wish to return to work, the Social Security program will likely continue to pay you benefits for a period of time while you transition to work.  The rules are different [...]

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It’s About Time: The Statute of Limitations

Timing is everything in personal injury cases. Well, not everything, unless you’ve filed too late. Then it’s the only thing that matters. When you consult a personal injury lawyer, he or she may stop you before you [...]

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Social Security Disability and Maryland Law

The backlog of cases before the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review is tremendous. In Maryland, claimants can expect to wait 464 days from the date the Request for a Hearing is filed before the claim is [...]

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Veterans’ Legal Rights Gaining Attention

On August 11, the American Bar Association recognized something that the attorneys of Ingerman & Horwitz have known for decades - that veterans are woefully underrepresented by skilled attorneys. With that in mind, the association voted to [...]

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