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The Dangers and Challenges of an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawsuit

Posted On 01.18.16 by in Auto Accidents

An accident case involving an 18-wheeler (semi-truck) is especially complex. This is because you’re not dealing with a private individual, but layers of corporations. From the driver, who may...

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Ten Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer (Part I)

Posted On 04.15.13 by in Auto Accidents

It doesn’t matter if your case is a “tiny” automobile accident fender bender or a massive multi-million dollar birth injury medical malpractice case—you should hire the best lawyer possible. ...

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Truck Accident Lawsuits

Posted On 02.18.13 by in Auto Accidents

Many lawyers make the mistake of thinking that a Maryland truck accident is just a larger version of an automobile collision.  These cases are vastly more complicated, and failure...

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Maryland Automobile Accidents While On-The-Job

Posted On 12.13.12 by in Auto Accidents

  Many new clients come to us believing they have an automobile accident claim or a workers’ compensation claim, when in reality they might have both.  In fact, for...

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Maryland Texting & Driving Lawsuits

Posted On 12.06.12 by in Auto Accidents

  For the past few years, Maryland has systematically tightened the rules on cell phone use by drivers.  Like drunk driving and failure to use seatbelts, it is getting...

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Maryland Police Reports

Posted On 12.03.12 by in Auto Accidents

  The police report is often the best source of information in an automobile accident case.  It can be so important that we recommend that anyone involved in an...

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Maryland Car Accident Settlements

Posted On 11.30.12 by in Auto Accidents

  We’ve blogged about how to calculate a Maryland automobile accident case value.  Our clients understandably want to know exactly what the process is to move a case toward...

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Collateral Source: Double-Dipping In Your Automobile Accident Case

Posted On 11.28.12 by in Auto Accidents

  Maryland has a rule called “collateral source,” which allows people injured by someone else’s negligence recover the value of expenses even if those expenses have been paid through...

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Maryland Insurance 101: Collision (Property Damage)

Posted On 11.26.12 by in Auto Accidents

  Collision is a provision in your automobile insurance policy that will pay to repair or replace the vehicle if it is damaged in an automobile accident.  Deciding whether...

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Maryland Insurance 101: Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM)

Posted On 11.23.12 by in Auto Accidents

  In Maryland, all insurance policies are required to carry a minimum amount of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM).  UM/UIM is insurance that helps a driver and passengers in the...

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Medical Treatment After A Maryland Automobile Accident

Posted On 11.20.12 by in Auto Accidents

  Many people wonder what kind of medical treatment they need after an automobile collision.  The question arises, I think, because people understand that there is an interplay between...

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Hiring A Lawyer, Part 2

Posted On 11.19.12 by in Auto Accidents

  When you meet with your lawyer, there will be some forms to sign.  We want to take the mystery out of hiring a lawyer, so below is an...

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Hiring A Lawyer, Part 1

Posted On 11.18.12 by in Auto Accidents

  There are many reasons to hire a lawyer after an automobile collision.  For most people, hiring a lawyer boils to two good reasons.  First, lawyers are experts and...

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Safer Tractor Trailer Driving Is Needed

Posted On 09.11.11 by in Tractor Trailer

Driving a tractor trailer truck can be very dangerous. These trucks are quite large and carry thousands of pounds in cargo. This can make them difficult to handle and...

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