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Distracted Driving Information For Drivers

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Posted On 02.25.13 by in Auto Accidents

It is almost axiomatic how dangerous distracted driving can be.  We hear about it on the news, in lawsuits, and we know that people are being seriously hurt and killed because of cell phone use in automobiles.  Even putting that aside, we can feel how distracted we are when we drive.  Drivers might feel like they can handle it, but who among us has not had a moment of accelerated heart rate when we were not paying as much attention to the road?  It’s dangerous, and we need to put the technology down.

The premier distracted driving advocacy (more correctly, anti-advocacy) group EndDD posts regularly about the dangers of distracted driving.  Lawyers traveling around the county even help students to recognize the dangers by giving them cognitive distraction exercises (see the photo, where one teen is on the phone and writing numbers from 100 down, and misses number 91, then forgets what number she’s on).  You can see the article about it here.

Certainly, it’s important to know the cell phone laws of the states that you drive in.  For example, is it against the law to text while stopped at a red light?  States come down different on that rule, but you can ignore the rules if you ignore the cell phone whenever you get behind the driver’s seat.  The reality is that a cell phone is dangerous at a red light, too.  We have seen cases where drivers were stopped, working on their cell phones, then notice traffic moving ahead of them.  They move forward, and fail to see someone right in front of their car.

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