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Do you think you have a radiation burn?

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Posted On 12.02.11 by in Blog

Do you think you have a radiation burn? If you even suspect that you have been exposed to radiation of any type, it is extremely important that you see a doctor. This can even include overexposure to a microwave, or burns caused by a cell phone on the fritz. Here are some signs that you may have a radiation burn:


A radiation burn is any damage caused to the skin by exposure to either radiation ionization, such as that created by a microwave, or exposure to radio frequency. A sun burn is a form of radiation burn, and most radiation burns are very similar to the symptoms of a sun burn. The symptoms of a radiation burn are any type of redness, itching, or peeling away of the skin in a localized area. If you have any of these, especially if the symptoms have arisen inexplicably, it’s very important that you see a doctor in order to get treatment.


Some possible explanations for a radiation burn are:


Extended exposure to X-Rays in a medical context. X-Rays operate by passing radioactive particles through your body. If you are over exposed to X-Rays, it’s possible that you may have suffered a radiation burn.


Over exposure to the sun. Make sure you use sunscreen at all times when you’re outdoors for extended periods of time, even on cloudy days. This is the most common type of radiation burn and can even be one of the most dangerous forms.


Exposure to high powered radio transmitters. If you live near a radio tower, or a company that is utilizing some form of radio transmitter, it’s possible that the rays it is giving off can cause a radiation burn. If you inexplicably have the symptoms of a radiation burn, and have not been exposed to X-Rays or extensive sun light, this may be the cause.

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