When you are injured in an accident and need assistance, look to the law offices of Ingerman & Horwitz to help you. Serving Frederick for years, our team of experienced attorneys are waiting to help you through any problems and concerns you may face. Our office has a variety of services and personnel to meet your needs in your personal injury, accident, workers compensation, or disability case.

Frederick, Maryland.

Originally founded by Germans and later a home for Irish immigrants, Frederick is not only a place bursting with cultural history but it is also the home of a mature population of professionals and craftsman.

Frederick boasts over 67,000 residents with almost 10,000 of those working in or around Fort Detrick. In its history, Frederick served as a major crossroads, which served to cement its roots as a diverse Maryland city with a proud heritage reaching back to colonial times. It is easy to see that Frederick is the kind of All-American town that other communities aspire to be.

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Our Services

Nothing disrupts your life quite like an accident. When you are injured it can be difficult enough just to care for your injuries without the added problems of lost wages and dealing with the expenses of the injuries themselves. A compassionate and experienced personal injury attorney from the firm of Ingerman & Horwitz can help relieve your burden by dealing with the insurance companies, standing up for your rights, and helping you create a path to stability.

We offer assistance in sorting through the problems that accompany and injury. Issues such as: medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, insurance, and compensation. Whenever possible we aim to make the full extent of your injuries and losses known to the insurance companies and fight for fair compensation.

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas:

  • wrongful death
  • premises accidents
  • product injuries
  • dog bites
  • auto accidents
  • service vehicle accidents
  • boating accidents
  • industrial accidents
  • workers compensation

and more

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