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A Real Review from a Real Client- Found on the BBB Website

We’re very grateful to one of our satisfied clients for leaving a glowing review on the Better Business Bureau website. Here’s what she had to say:

“Two years ago, I got referred to an attorney at Ingerman and Horwitz on a separate matter that I was dealing with however just two days before I had also got denied for the second time for Social Security Disability although I am disabled. After we discussed the matter at hand, my attorney, David Jackson who had seen me limp in and saw the pain I was in as I talked with him asked if I was being well taken care of in my case for disability. I explained that I ACTUALLY had just been turned down a second time literally 2 days before so my next step was to hire an attorney. It just so happened that Social Security and Disability Law were his specialty and he said he would give me his card in case I needed it later.. When he left the conference room to get copies of the paperwork I brought in, my family and I had a 5 minute talk about what an honest, good, pleasant, and SINCERE vibe we got off of this man and we all agreed that he seemed as genuine as a fingerprint and not at all like one of those slippery T.V. lawyers I was probably going to end up with.

Upon returning to the office room, I told Mr. Jackson that I would definitely need his card because my family and I had already discussed it and were ready to hired him on the spot if he had the room in his caseload. Luckily he did, or made room for me because he could see with his own eyes how much pain just sitting and talking caused me and I told him how lost I had been doing everything alone. To make matters even more wonderful, I felt Karma was smiling on me because his rates were lower that any that we had heard of to date.

In the two years David Jackson has been my attorney, he has fought through the labyrinth of paperwork and confusing forms that are the Social Security System with/for me. He has answered any question I was confused by, I probably have emailed him more than any other client, with questions, and to ask him to explain what I did not understand. He ALWAYS answered my questions without making me feel dumb or like I was wasting his time. He got back to me promptly by email or phone within minutes or he would email to tell me he would call the next day after court to go over anything I was confused by..

I was very lucky getting an attorney that TRULY wanted to help me. My mind boggles at what may have occurred if I got your standard lawyer, as I have heard many horror stories. I would and I have recommended Mr. Jackson and his firm, Ingerman and Horwitz to others fighting Social Security. I trust him, I believe in him, I know he is doing his best not just because it’s his job but to help people. He was professional without being cold, explained things without sounding clinical, and when I wrote in tears because of the time and pain, he was consoling without being patronizing. He never made any promises beyond “I will do everything in my power to do right by you and this case” and he has thus far kept that promise. If something were to happen to anybody in the greater Baltimore area that I care for that was in his realm of expertise , I would not hesitate to steer them towards a firm that hires attorneys like David Jackson. It is VERY rare these days to find a lawyer that not only knows the law inside and out but ACTUALLY cares about how the outcome will affect YOU and your family and health, not just his own bank account or percentage of wins.

I can no longer laugh at lawyer jokes. Some are honest and genuine men and women that want to make a difference in your life. I am lucky my path crossed with one in David Jackson of the law firm Ingerman and Horwitz.”


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