All products are designed to be safe to use under recommended conditions and in prescribed ways. When a product is defective or causes an injury because of flaws in the product or the product’s design it is important that you contact a product liability lawyer to learn about your rights. Unsafe and defective products are a danger to everyone and if you have been injured by one it is likely that it has happened to others as well.

baltimore product liability lawyersAnyone involved with the design, production, and distribution of a defective product can be found liable. Product liability falls into two general categories: manufacturing defects and design defects. A manufacturing defect is any problem with the product that occurs while the product is being put together or created. A design defect is something wrong in the conception of the object or its blueprints.

Product Liability Lawyer

A product liability lawyer can help you determine which course of action to take in pursuing a case when a defective product causes injury. Sometimes a product liability case will result in a class action lawsuit in which many plaintiffs come together to form a larger case against an offending corporation for their unsafe products or practices.

A product liability lawyer will also help to assess the full scope of damages and costs of injuries from a product and advise you in seeking a just compensation for your injuries. They can also help you decide if the case should be pursued under strict liability, in which you need to prove that something was wrong with the product no matter the precautions taken by the company, or negligence, in which you need to prove that someone did their job poorly or precautions to ensure safety were not followed. Proving these things can be extremely challenging, so you need the help of an experienced lawyer.

Liable Companies

Large companies have teams of lawyers looking to make issues go away. When a product causes injury or death it is important to make a complaint and file a case to ensure that the company is held to the standards and regulations for their industry. Even if a product has a warning label, or safety features, that does not relieve them of the duty of making the product as safe as possible. Defective products are a breach of trust with society and such breaches need to be answered for.

If you feel a product or a company has caused you injury, call our experienced team today to discuss your situation.