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If I Am Injured on the Job and Have to Go to the Hospital for Treatment, Does My Employer Have to Pay Me for the Entire Day?

Posted On 01.13.16 by in Blog

Here in Baltimore, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission oversees how Workers’ Compensation functions should you get injured on the job. Hopefully, you’ll never need to understand how this affects...

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Workers Compensation: Know Your Rights

Posted On 09.24.15 by in Blog

America has long since passed a myriad of laws designed to keep employees safe at the workplace. Every state has flexibility in this regard to some degree, but the...

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Your Rights Under Workers’ Compensation Law

Posted On 06.29.15 by in Workers' Compensation

If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, and you suffer an accident or injury while on the job, you have certain rights. Those rights ensure that you are able...

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Common Misconceptions About Workers’ Compensation

Posted On 06.24.15 by in Workers' Compensation

Although most people understand that their employer most likely carries workers’ compensation insurance for them, that doesn’t mean they fully appreciate what that entails. As a result, they can...

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Maryland Insurer Must Compensate Worker for Lost Leg

Posted On 05.29.15 by in Blog

A few months ago, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire decided a worker’s compensation case involving a Maryland insurance company, Arabella Insurance. In the case, a worker was returning...

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$400,000 Award for Workers Comp Death Benefits in Maryland

Posted On 05.27.15 by in Workers' Compensation

Several months ago, the widow of a worker who lost his life at work finally received a decision from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission that awarded her $400,000. The...

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What Does Arising Out of Employment Mean For Workers Comp?

Posted On 05.18.15 by in Blog

Just because you suffered a workplace injury, it does not mean that you qualify for workers’ compensation in Maryland. There are actually a few very important characteristics that must...

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Understanding Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation

Posted On 03.26.15 by in Workers' Compensation

If you are employed in Maryland, you are likely protected by the workers’ compensation laws. These laws provide protection for nearly every employee in the event they are injured...

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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Posted On 03.18.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been injured while working, you are likely covered under workers’ compensation. Nearly all employers are required to provide this type of insurance for employees to provide benefits...

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Personal Injury Claims and Maryland Workers’ Compensation

Posted On 03.16.15 by in Blog

While workers’ compensation in Maryland does not allow you to sue your employer for injuries that are suffered on the job, there are some situations that may arise that...

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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

Posted On 03.13.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been injured while working, you might be eligible for Maryland workers’ compensation. However, the laws in Maryland concerning eligibility are different than they are in other states....

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Overview of Maryland’s Worker’s Compensation Laws

Posted On 03.11.15 by in Blog

In the state of Maryland, employers are required by law to provide worker’s compensation insurance to all employees within the company. In other words, worker’s compensation, also known as...

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Maryland Employer Workers’ Compensation Laws

Posted On 03.09.15 by in Blog

Most employers who have more than one employee in the state of Maryland are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for each employee. This insurance must be obtained from...

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What Is an Average Weekly Wage?

Posted On 01.02.15 by in Workers' Compensation

When applying for worker’s compensation in Maryland, you will discover that you are eligible to receive a percentage of your average weekly wage. Therefore it is very important that...

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