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Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim Doesn’t Always Work

Posted On 07.06.15 by in Blog

Every worker should understand that if they get injured on the job, they can file a workers’ compensation claim in order to obtain damages to help them recover from...

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Bankruptcy Due to an On The Job Injury

Posted On 03.31.15 by in Baltimore

Workers’ injuries can have overwhelmingly devastating consequences for both the injured and the family involved. Especially if the injured person is the breadwinner of the household, financial strain can...

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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Posted On 03.18.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been injured while working, you are likely covered under workers’ compensation. Nearly all employers are required to provide this type of insurance for employees to provide benefits...

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Personal Injury Claims and Maryland Workers’ Compensation

Posted On 03.16.15 by in Blog

While workers’ compensation in Maryland does not allow you to sue your employer for injuries that are suffered on the job, there are some situations that may arise that...

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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

Posted On 03.13.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been injured while working, you might be eligible for Maryland workers’ compensation. However, the laws in Maryland concerning eligibility are different than they are in other states....

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