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What Determines the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim?

Posted On 08.07.15 by in Blog

It’s important to understand that there are a number of factors that determine the value of any personal injury claim. It may seem as simple as a jury awarding...

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How Do Insurance Companies Determine Compensation?

Posted On 07.08.15 by in Blog

If you have been a victim of an accident, and you have a personal injury claim, then one of the things that you and your attorney will need to...

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In Personal Injury Law, What Are Damages?

Posted On 04.22.15 by in Personal Injury

If you find yourself with a personal injury claim, then you will definitely want to learn more about different types of cases and what you actually have to go...

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A Basic Look at Punitive Damages

Posted On 12.18.13 by in Blog

It seems that you regularly hear about lawsuits that result in huge awards. At one point, a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil resulted in $5 billion in punitive damages —...

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