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Top 4 Reasons Cardiologists Get Sued

Posted On 08.24.17 by in Medical Malpractice

The Doctors Company, an insurer owned by physicians, completed a study of 429 cardiology claims for damages.  It was the goal of the study to further educate cardiologists on...

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Auto Accident Liability: Just Whose Fault Is It?

Posted On 09.08.15 by in Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are certainly the bane of our existence. Just when life seems to be going along so well, that is when an accident seems to strike. Not only...

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What Do You Have to Have for a Personal Injury Claim?

Posted On 06.11.15 by in Blog

Personal injury claims can cover a wide variety of different issues and accidents. Because of the scope of such cases, they can also be quite confusing. For example, many...

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Can I Sue My Employer?

Posted On 01.30.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been hurt or otherwise suffered unduly in the course of your employment, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should have you covered. However, there may be a number...

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What is PIP Coverage?

Posted On 11.07.14 by in Auto Accidents

In Maryland, personal injury protection (PIP) is a required component of car insurance unless the vehicle owner waives it. PIP is often called “no-fault” protection, as it provides protection...

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Is an Employer Responsible for Damages Caused by an Employee in Maryland?

Posted On 10.30.14 by in Blog

With the change of the weather and the holiday season around the corner, more and more people will find themselves in business locations and interacting with these businesses’ employees. ...

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General Mills and Forced Arbitration: A Victory for Consumer Rights.

Posted On 04.29.14 by in Blog

In 2012, two California mothers got fed up with the use of the phrase “100% Natural” on the General Mills Nature Valley granola bars. They called the marketing deceptive...

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Using Property Damage Evidence In A Contested Case

Posted On 03.04.13 by in Auto Accidents

Probably about half of all automobile accident trials are what we call “damages only” case.  That means the insurance companies agree their driver caused the accident, but we are...

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