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Tag: Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Laws in Maryland

Posted On 10.25.18 by in Blog

Medical malpractice involves the willful negligence of a healthcare provider that results in serious implications for the health of the individual under the provider’s care. Medical malpractice laws in...

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Understanding Medical Malpractice

Posted On 01.25.18 by in Blog

You’ve probably heard of medical malpractice before, but might be unsure of what this area of the law covers. Whether you just want to be prepared or you think...

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How Lawyers Evaluate Medical Malpractice Cases

Posted On 09.14.17 by in Blog

Before contacting a lawyer about a possible medical malpractice case, it is important to understand how these types of cases are evaluated by attorneys. Some cases are more intricate...

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Top 4 Reasons Cardiologists Get Sued

Posted On 08.24.17 by in Medical Malpractice

The Doctors Company, an insurer owned by physicians, completed a study of 429 cardiology claims for damages.  It was the goal of the study to further educate cardiologists on...

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One Third of Nursing Home Patients Report Abuse or Harm.

Posted On 11.12.15 by in Blog

Nursing homes are promising patients an immense array of luxuries, from “decadent hot baths” any time of day to having a fully equipped gym complete with a parked car...

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Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted On 06.12.15 by in Blog

Personal injury cases can cover a wide variety of different topics, including slips and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice and car accidents. If you have been injured due to...

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Extending Medical Malpractice Immunity in Maryland

Posted On 12.30.14 by in Medical Malpractice

On November 21, 2014, the Maryland Appellate Court issued a decision that will extend medical malpractice immunity to situations when a health care provider chooses not to admit a...

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When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Posted On 11.21.14 by in General Information

In certain situations, having legal representation is in your best interest. Some claims involve complex legal rules and theories that are best handled by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney....

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Medical Malpractice: Are We Afraid of the Real Dangers?

Posted On 11.05.14 by in Medical Malpractice

People tend to think of themselves as rational thinking organisms. Humans have survived the evolutionary lottery because we have learned to avoid things that can actually snuff us out;...

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Common Hospital Mistakes Lead to Injuries and Death

Posted On 10.08.14 by in Blog

  In many modern hospitals, communication methods are outdated, clunky, glitchy, or prone to error and lack of oversight. Your doctor may prescribe a treatment that has to pass...

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Another Baltimore Doctor Behaving Badly.

Posted On 05.01.14 by in Blog

Doctor Y.K. Ramaiah of Baltimore was arrested and is now out on bail for charges of sexual offenses and assault.   Doctor Y.K. Ramaiah had a general physician’s office...

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Fueled by a Culture of Denial, Medical Mistakes Cause 500,000 Deaths Annually

Posted On 04.08.14 by in Blog

As recently as last year, mainstream publications were reporting that deaths due to medical errors were around 100,000 per year. While this is a terrifying number, especially for anyone...

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Raise Your Right Hand …

Posted On 11.20.11 by in Blog

No, we’re not in court yet. It’s your deposition, but it’s every bit as important. We’ve answered the interrogatories. (See Ugh. Interrogatories.) Now they want to ask you questions in person, under...

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