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Tag: negligence

Personal Injuries Occur While Shopping

Posted On 09.03.15 by in Blog

When you enter any given store to do a bit of shopping, you have a reasonable expectation of safety. Most of the time, such outings go off without a...

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What to Do If You Are Hurt at a Grocery Store

Posted On 07.29.15 by in Blog

What happens if you are shopping in the grocery store and fall? If you don’t receive any injuries, then you might not think much of it. However, if you...

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What Do You Have to Have for a Personal Injury Claim?

Posted On 06.11.15 by in Blog

Personal injury claims can cover a wide variety of different issues and accidents. Because of the scope of such cases, they can also be quite confusing. For example, many...

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Proposed Law for Birth Injury Fund May Become Reality in Maryland

Posted On 05.13.15 by in Laws

There is a new proposed law in Maryland that will create a birth injury fund for hospitals and the families that sue for birth injuries. Under the current system,...

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What is Negligence?

Posted On 10.10.14 by in Blog

Attorneys like to use the word “negligence” a lot. It’s a big deal, especially in personal injury law. However many people don’t know what negligence is, what it means,...

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When Corporate Greed Costs Lives – The GM ignition switch.

Posted On 04.01.14 by in Blog

You’ve probably heard the story. General Motors chief executive Mary Barra (pictured above) is in Washington today to face questioning before members of the House and then members of...

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5 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Negligence or Nursing Home Abuse

Posted On 01.04.12 by in Blog

Elder abuse is more prevalent than most of us want to believe. According to the non-profit resource, tens of thousands of elderly individuals are abused in America each...

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