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2.5 Million Dollar Case Fumbled Over $2 Fee

Posted On 02.11.15 by in Blog

With $2.5 million hanging in the balance, an unpaid $2 library fee prevented a lawsuit from moving forward. A Virginia lawyer, C. Kailani Memmer, waited to file a personal...

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Ebola Patient Now In Maryland Hospital. Do You Need to Worry?

Posted On 10.17.14 by in Blog

Thursday morning, the National Institutes of Heath Clinical Center in Bethesda announced it has admitted Nina Pham, the first of two nurses who contracted Ebola from the Texas case....

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Xarelto Anticoagulant Causes Uncontrolled Bleeding, Results in 150 Deaths

Posted On 09.02.14 by in Blog

A new study in the August issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery has found that a certain type of anticoagulant drug, named Xarelto, causes bleeding that is less easily...

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Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Case Involving Triple Stabbing at Strip Club.

Posted On 08.11.14 by in Blog

  Attorneys for the estate of 19-year-old Jesse Clark-Nugent filed a wrongful death suit against The New 2 O’Clock Club today, August 11, 2014. Jesse Clark-Nugent was killed in...

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General Mills and Forced Arbitration: A Victory for Consumer Rights.

Posted On 04.29.14 by in Blog

In 2012, two California mothers got fed up with the use of the phrase “100% Natural” on the General Mills Nature Valley granola bars. They called the marketing deceptive...

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Subaru Recalls some 634,000 Vehicles

Posted On 01.08.13 by in Blog

Subaru announced late last week that it would recall 633,842 vehicles, including Forester models made between 2009-2012, Legacy and Outback models made between 2010-2011, and Tribeca models made between...

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