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Tag: on-the-job injury

Workers Compensation: Know Your Rights

Posted On 09.24.15 by in Blog

America has long since passed a myriad of laws designed to keep employees safe at the workplace. Every state has flexibility in this regard to some degree, but the...

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What Does Arising Out of Employment Mean For Workers Comp?

Posted On 05.18.15 by in Blog

Just because you suffered a workplace injury, it does not mean that you qualify for workers’ compensation in Maryland. There are actually a few very important characteristics that must...

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Construction Worker Accidents

Posted On 04.06.15 by in Blog

Anytime there are accidents involving people who are on the job, it is the responsibility of OSHA to investigate the situation and ensure the accidents do not happen again....

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Value Of Maryland Workers’ Compensation Cases

Posted On 02.08.13 by in Workers' Compensation

  Workers’ compensation case values can be difficult to understand.  It’s easy to explain some of the usual benefits—lifetime medical care, and the amount of lost wages payable, for...

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