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Tag: product liability

Dangerous Toys Personal Injury Claims in Baltimore

Posted On 03.10.15 by in Product Liability

In the United States there are many quality standards governing the production and sale of toys. Child safety is taken very seriously, and many toys, especially those coming from...

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Common Types of Product Liability Cases

Posted On 02.17.15 by in Blog

The majority of us buy products all the time without giving a second thought as to whether or not they will perform like we assume they will, especially if...

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What Is Tort Law?

Posted On 02.04.15 by in Blog

The Basics Tort law covers a whole body of law that deals with violations wherein a person’s behavior injured someone else or otherwise caused them to suffer or incur...

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Winning a Product Liability Lawsuit

Posted On 01.22.15 by Admin in Personal Injury

The vast majority of us buy products on a regular basis without giving a second thought to whether they will work or not. We certainly don’t imagine that the...

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Toys That Have Been Banned

Posted On 11.03.14 by in Blog

From the 1950s to the late 90s, many toys came onto the market that seemed great at first – that is until children started getting seriously injured while playing...

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Benicar Lawsuits

Posted On 10.03.14 by in Blog

Popular hypertension drug, Benicar, has been linked to cases of “sprue-like enteropathy.” The drug makers have failed to properly warn patients about the risks associated with Benicar, and, as...

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Blinds Still Cause Child Stranglings

Posted On 05.06.14 by in Blog

Sad news out of Utah as yet another child dies due to strangulation on a window blind cord last week. How Serious Are Blind Strangulations? According to the U.S....

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General Mills and Forced Arbitration: A Victory for Consumer Rights.

Posted On 04.29.14 by in Blog

In 2012, two California mothers got fed up with the use of the phrase “100% Natural” on the General Mills Nature Valley granola bars. They called the marketing deceptive...

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When Corporate Greed Costs Lives – The GM ignition switch.

Posted On 04.01.14 by in Blog

You’ve probably heard the story. General Motors chief executive Mary Barra (pictured above) is in Washington today to face questioning before members of the House and then members of...

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Vaginal Mesh Jury Verdict: $11.1 Million

Posted On 03.05.13 by in Blog

The first Johnson & Johnson vaginal mesh case has gone to trial, and the manufacturer lost big—the jury came back with a $3.35 million verdict.  Making things worse for Johnson...

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Johnson & Johnson: First Defective DePuy Hip Trial

Posted On 02.14.13 by in Press Room

  The first trial of about 10,000 cases over Johnson & Johnson’s defective DePuy hip replacement devices has started in Los Angeles, California.  These hip devices are from a...

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New Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation offers hope for Propecia victims

Posted On 08.29.12 by in Propecia Archives

Merck & Co. may remain mum on the myriad of persistent side effects precipitated by its popular hair-loss drug Propecia, but victims worldwide should sleep easier tonight knowing that medical pros...

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Atlantic’s anti-finasteride fanatic slur sinks under a wave of factual reporting

Posted On 07.17.12 by in Propecia Archives

As more news reports link the baldness drug Propecia to persistent male sexual dysfunction, some are questioning the validity of the connection. Writing for The Atlantic, Lindsay Abrams blames “anti-finasteride fanatics” for...

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Global news outlets run Propecia horror stories first reported in the Examiner

Posted On 07.13.12 by in Propecia Archives

After months of the Examiner’s exclusive coverage of the severe and persistent side effects of the baldness drug Propecia, ABC News, Time magazine and the UK’s widely distributed The Sun newspaper and...

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Propecia victims furious Bosley knew of drug’s dangers but did not warn patients

Posted On 06.13.12 by in Propecia Archives

When the Food and Drug Administration approved the hair-growth drug Propecia in 1997, a number of doctors and medical researchers voiced their strong concerns about the drug’s severe side effects. One outspoken...

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Kevin Malley’s hunger-strike at Merck highlights Propecia’s devastating effects

Posted On 05.22.12 by in Product Liability

After reading the Examiner’s coverage on the devastating side effects of Merck & Co.’s hair-growth drug Propecia, more men are now coming forward to say they are also unsuspecting victims. One victim who...

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