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Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

Posted On 07.06.18 by in Blog

In all likelihood, you’ll be faced with the decision of whether or not to settle your personal injury claim once it’s made. By and large, defendants have an interest...

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How to Negotiate a Personal Injury Settlement

Posted On 07.10.15 by in Blog

If you are the victim of a personal injury accident, then the first thing you should do is contact proper legal representation. You can technically handle the claim on...

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Maryland Insurer Must Compensate Worker for Lost Leg

Posted On 05.29.15 by in Blog

A few months ago, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire decided a worker’s compensation case involving a Maryland insurance company, Arabella Insurance. In the case, a worker was returning...

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Resolving Maryland Workers’ Compensation Cases: Settlement Versus Stipulation

Posted On 12.21.12 by in Workers' Compensation

  When a Maryland workers’ compensation claimant is ready to resolve his claim, his lawyer may explore the possibilities of stipulation and settlement.  These are two of the three...

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Maryland Car Accident Settlements

Posted On 11.30.12 by in Auto Accidents

  We’ve blogged about how to calculate a Maryland automobile accident case value.  Our clients understandably want to know exactly what the process is to move a case toward...

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