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Tag: tort law

Medical Malpractice Laws in Maryland

Posted On 10.25.18 by in Blog

Medical malpractice involves the willful negligence of a healthcare provider that results in serious implications for the health of the individual under the provider’s care. Medical malpractice laws in...

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Can I Take My Employer to Court?

Posted On 06.22.15 by in Workers' Compensation

Generally speaking, if someone’s actions, or their lack of taking action, end up getting you hurt, you can take them to court to collect damages. This is the basis...

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The 10 Most Common Damages Recovered in Private Lawsuits

Posted On 11.14.14 by in General Information

In private lawsuits, those in which one person files a claim against another, damages are sought depending on the circumstances of the case. If you are injured or if...

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