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Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) In Workers Comp

Posted On 02.19.18 by in Blog

Maximum Medical Improvement Many terms are used to describe workers’ compensation and the injuries that result in work-related claims. Of them, the term maximum medical improvement, or MMI, is...

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If I Am Injured on the Job and Have to Go to the Hospital for Treatment, Does My Employer Have to Pay Me for the Entire Day?

Posted On 01.13.16 by in Blog

Here in Baltimore, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission oversees how Workers’ Compensation functions should you get injured on the job. Hopefully, you’ll never need to understand how this affects...

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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

Posted On 03.13.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been injured while working, you might be eligible for Maryland workers’ compensation. However, the laws in Maryland concerning eligibility are different than they are in other states....

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Overview of Maryland’s Worker’s Compensation Laws

Posted On 03.11.15 by in Blog

In the state of Maryland, employers are required by law to provide worker’s compensation insurance to all employees within the company. In other words, worker’s compensation, also known as...

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The Ultimate Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Posted On 08.05.14 by in Blog

People who have to use Maryland’s workers’ compensation system always have questions and don’t always get satisfactory answers. We have our own workers’ compensation FAQ on the site which...

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