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Tag: Workers’ Compensation

$400,000 Award for Workers Comp Death Benefits in Maryland

Posted On 05.27.15 by in Workers' Compensation

Several months ago, the widow of a worker who lost his life at work finally received a decision from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission that awarded her $400,000. The...

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Maryland is one of the National Leaders in Workers’ Compensation

Posted On 05.06.15 by in Blog

Just recently ProPublica and NPR released a study that compared workers’ compensation between states all across the country. Their interactive database allows people to compare workers comp not only...

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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

Posted On 03.13.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been injured while working, you might be eligible for Maryland workers’ compensation. However, the laws in Maryland concerning eligibility are different than they are in other states....

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Overview of Maryland’s Worker’s Compensation Laws

Posted On 03.11.15 by in Blog

In the state of Maryland, employers are required by law to provide worker’s compensation insurance to all employees within the company. In other words, worker’s compensation, also known as...

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Can I Sue My Employer?

Posted On 01.30.15 by in Blog

If you’ve been hurt or otherwise suffered unduly in the course of your employment, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should have you covered. However, there may be a number...

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What Is an Average Weekly Wage?

Posted On 01.02.15 by in Workers' Compensation

When applying for worker’s compensation in Maryland, you will discover that you are eligible to receive a percentage of your average weekly wage. Therefore it is very important that...

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The Ultimate Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Posted On 08.05.14 by in Blog

People who have to use Maryland’s workers’ compensation system always have questions and don’t always get satisfactory answers. We have our own workers’ compensation FAQ on the site which...

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Top 10 OSHA Violations

Posted On 07.30.14 by in Blog

In 2013, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) performed almost 100,000 workplace inspections through its federal and state offices.  The ten most common citations for workplace safety are described...

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The Maryland State Firemen’s Association and our Committment to Public Servants

Posted On 06.17.14 by in Blog

This week we’re exhibiting at the annual Maryland State Firemen’s Association. It’s one of our favorite events to attend because of our strong and ongoing relationship with public servants...

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The 10 Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

Posted On 03.11.14 by in Blog

No matter how safe your job is, injuries happen in every workplace! From slips to burns, from carpal tunnel syndrome to back sprains, anybody who works is at risk...

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Workers’ Compensation Information Updated

Posted On 08.25.11 by in Workers' Compensation

We have recently updated our Workers’ Compensation page on our firm web site. Information features two new articles: How long will I receive payout’s from a workers’ compensation claim...

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Occupational Disease and Workers’ Compensation Claims in Maryland

Posted On 07.23.11 by in Workers' Compensation

Typically, workers’ compensation claims require the occurrence of some type of “accident” while on the job. However, some working conditions cause ailments or illnesses that progress slowly over time....

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