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Filing a Construction Workers’ Compensation Claim

Posted On 10.11.18 by in Blog

It’s all too easy to get hurt while working on a construction site. The combination of dozens, even hundreds of people, heavy machinery, tall heights and weather conditions can...

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Types of Disability and Workers’ Compensation

Posted On 10.04.18 by in Blog

Workers’ compensation insurance is your employer’s way of ensuring you’re taken care of if you get injured on the job. Unless you believe you were injured on purpose, there...

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What Injuries Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Posted On 09.27.18 by in Blog

Most people know that workers’ compensation claims are how you get your needs met after an accident while on the job. However, it’s actually a bit more technical than...

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Who Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Posted On 03.15.18 by Admin in Personal Injury

Given its name, you may think that workers’ compensation covers anyone who is employed. Unfortunately, this misconception could leave you very disappointed if you ever get injured on the...

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When Workers’ Compensation Won’t Get Approved

Posted On 01.18.18 by in Blog

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance. It provides employers with a safety net, so that if one of their employees gets injured on the job, they don’t have...

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Why Workers’ Compensation Claims Get Denied

Posted On 08.17.17 by Admin in Insurance

Workers’ compensation claims seem simple enough to most people. If you’re injured while on the job, you get to sue your employer, right? While you can certainly file the...

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The 4 Most Common Construction Accidents

Posted On 03.18.14 by in Blog

When working in the construction industry, there is always a risk of injury. Employers have a duty to provide as safe an environment as possible for their workers, but...

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Workers’ Compensation Resource Links

Posted On 05.11.12 by in Workers' Compensation

Here are useful links for Workers’ Compensation information: MD Workers’ Compensation Commission State of Maryland website provides general and specific information to our varied customers and offers online services such...

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