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Posted On 01.14.13 by in Workers' Compensation


A recent publication by 27Legal, The Comp Pinkbook:  Real Workers’ Comp Statistics on Lawyers, Injuries and Doctors credits our workers’ compensation lawyer Bruce Ingerman as being one of the most successful workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland.

The Pinkbook used publicly-available data from the Workers’ Compensation Commission from January 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.  Statistics used for workers’ compensation lawyers included the number of permanent partial awards and compromise and settlement awards.

We are pleased to report that our founding partner Bruce Ingerman is one of the top three workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland.  In this time period, Bruce had 879 awards for his clients, with total average awards of $14,658.00.  The majority of our clients at that time (53%) were against three employers:  The State of Maryland, the Mayor & City Council of Baltimore, and the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA).

The Pinkbook also listed the most common injuries that our clients had during this time period.  Bruce Ingerman frequently helped his clients with upper and lower back injuries, knee injuries and shoulder injuries.

Bruce is exceptional in many ways, and he holds the record for a many awards during this year-and-a-half period:

  • Knee injury:  a stipulation of over $70,000.00
  • Psychiatric/neurological injury:  the largest final settlement
  • Hands and wrists:  one of the largest stipulations of award

For more information about Bruce Ingerman, click on his profile here  Congratulations to Bruce and his team!

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