Auto Accident Liability: Just Whose Fault Is It?

Auto accidents are certainly the bane of our existence. Just when life seems to be going along so well, that is when an accident seems to strike. Not only can an auto accident cause grave injury, but the emotional and financial toll that it can take is troubling, as well. Such an accident often involves multiple parties, each one having to be dealt with in a certain way. From insurance companies to hospitals, and from auto repair shops to other parties involved in the accident, there are a great many items that must be taken care of.

At the very top of the list, however, is to determine whose fault the accident was in the first place. Here are some general guidelines designed to help in determining liability in an auto accident.

There may be More than one Person at Fault

Depending on the situation, the law might actually divide blame between more than one party. If, for example, someone was making an illegal turn that resulted in an accident, but the other driver was traveling at a speed far over the speed limit, issues of fault could become rather complicated. Remember that drivers are supposed to maintain control of their vehicle at all times in order to avoid accidents, not cause them.

Negligence can be a Contributing Factor

As mentioned, fault can be divided between parties. If another party causes an accident, but the extent of the injuries were exacerbated because a person was not wearing his or her seat belt, the law might assign some of the blame to that individual. As you can tell, this can get rather complicated, which is why a Baltimore accident lawyer should be contacted anytime fault is not 100% definitive.

Accidents Involving Multiple Cars

Sadly, all too many accidents involve quite a few cars. Commonly referred to as a pileup, fault is often very difficult to determine in such instances. While the driver in the front is often cleared of responsibility because they did not hit anything, everyone behind might be assigned a part of the blame on down the line. As you can imagine, this type of accident can be quite tricky when dealing with multiple insurance companies.

In essence, if you have been involved in an automobile accident, remember to take care of yourself first, and then help others. After that is when you need to begin worrying about issues of fault and what steps to take next.

In the end, remember to never admit fault at the scene of an accident and to contact the police in order to have a proper police report filed. After this, consider contacting a professional Baltimore based lawyer that specializes in auto accident liability cases. A lawyer can consult with you and examine your case. He or she works to protect your legal rights, regardless of whether or not you were at fault or if you are the innocent party. Having such representation can prove invaluable in the end.