Social Security DisabilityA complex set of rules and regulations governs the allocation of Social Security Disability benefits. When those benefits are denied, it is often difficult and confusing to understand why. Even dealing with the volume of forms and paperwork can be daunting. If you need help accessing Social Security Disability benefits, you may need the help of an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer who understands the ins and outs of this heavily regulated system.

Our firm understands the need for careful and thorough preparation. Our Social Security disability lawyer can guide you through the process and assist you in securing the correct benefits. We can help you understand your rights, and help you know what to expect as you move through the process. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. We can review your situation and have an open, honest discussion about what needs to happen, and how to move forward. Our first meeting with you is totally free and totally confidential. We understand how challenging this can be, and we’re ready to assist however we are able.

It is a severe hardship for families whose members have labored all their lives and now, through no fault of their own, have their savings, homes, and assets threatened because they are disabled and can no longer work. Denial of Social Security or disability benefits can make a bad situation even worse.  Mounting a successful case requires substantial resources, both legal and financial. If we take your case, we will provide personal, compassionate service and a pledge of swift and decisive action to recover the benefits you and your family deserve.

If you have questions about Social Security Disability, contact us today at 1-800-776-4LAW (4529) for a free, confidential assessment of your case.

Statistics show that as many as 1 in 4 of all adults under 65 will experience a period of disability. The Social Security system is designed to help those people. If you’ve paid into the system your whole life, you have a right to benefits. Let us help.