Car Accident Lawyers

When you’re involved in a car accident, the effects can change your life forever. Injuries can range between minor soft tissue damage that impacts your ability to

auto accident lawyers

work through to serious injuries that last forever. For some, being involved in a collision can leave them with a fear of driving. At Ingerman & Horwitz LLP, our car accident lawyers serve Baltimore, Salisbury, and other areas of Maryland. Using our experience and fierce commitment to easing your strains, we’re here to make a difficult period of your life simpler.

With moments of your car crash, your mind will be on what to do next. From the damage to your car to the impacts on your health, gaining justice can feel

complicated. As experienced car accident lawyers, we can help you tackle the financial difficulties that follow. With our approach to managing your accident, we’ll ensure that the party at fault pays your doctors and mechanics are.

At Ingerman & Horwitz LLP, we know that being involved in a car accident can leave you feeling shocked and vulnerable. While acting with the utmost sensitivity, we strive to aggressively pursue the party that has changed your life for the worse.

How can a car accident lawyer help?

In the aftermath of your car accident, you’ll probably find that navigating Maryland’s complex laws is challenging. As the nature of your injuries may vary in comparison to another victim’s, there is no set formula for determining how much compensation you’ll access. At Ingerman & Horwitz LLP, we help clients at Frederick, Hagerstown, Baltimore, and Salisbury offices. Here’s how our car accident lawyers can assist with your case:

We’ll communicate with your driver’s insurer

Using our expertise, we can pursue the other driver’s insurer and secure details that will help your case. We also can give them access to limited information about your damage and injuries with the aim of completing your claim as soon as we can.

Collecting liability evidence

If you suspect the accident was due to the other driver’s reckless approach, our car accident lawyers will gather liability evidence. This can include CCTV footage, dashcam footage, and expert accident reports.

Calculating your damage

The overall aim of using a car accident lawyer is to gain justice and cover the financial damage caused by the other party. Identifying how much damage was caused is a complex process. Using mechanics’ reports, medical records, loss of earnings, and other essential evidence, we can work toward a fair and realistic compensation goal.

Negotiating your settlement

As your Maryland car accident lawyers, we can negotiate a settlement that’s favorable for you. We’ll aggressively pursue the maximum settlement available because we know financial support will make your recovery easier. Wherever possible, we’ll speed up the case by settling out of court, but only when we believe the proposed settlement is fair.

How does a car accident claim work?

When filing a car accident claim in Maryland, a statute of limitations applies in most cases. It lasts from three years after the incident, so your car accident lawyers must act before that time.

After your car accident claim has been filed, your car accident lawyer will work on gathering the evidence. This may mean requesting copies of your medical records, the mechanic’s report, and other relevant documents. At this stage, we’ll also contact the other party’s insurance company to ensure their compliance.

In many cases, it’s possible to secure an out of court settlement. If this isn’t possible, the case will go to court. At this stage, we’ll work hard to make sure the court doesn’t consider your case to fall under the contributory negligence rule. As a result, you’re likely to receive damages for injuries and mechanical problems.

Why Clients Choose Ingerman & Horwitz

At Ingerman & Horwitz LLP, we’re unbelievably good lawyers who produce excellent results. Working throughout Baltimore, Salisbury, Frederick, and Hagerstown, we have the experience and tenacity you need to pursue your case.

With the financial strength to invest in your case and win, we’re confident we’ll secure a favorable outcome. Whether your case goes to court or is settled before that stage, we’ll aim for the maximum remuneration possible.

Our knowledgeable team of experts is also able to work with other professionals to support your recovery at this difficult time. Many of our clients feel reassured by our close connections with specialist doctors who can hasten their recovery and support their case.

Dealing with insurance

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, it’s worth knowing that insurance companies are only interested in their financial gains. Neither party is likely to support your interests fully, as pursuing the maximum compensation available isn’t in their interests.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will use duplicitous tricks to reduce the amount of money they pay. One example of this is delaying your claim as much as they can. In doing so, they know you’re more likely to accept a lower-than-proposed payment as this means regaining some financial security.

The good news is there are ways of overcoming the tricks insurance companies will use. At Ingerman & Horwitz LLP, we use our legal knowledge to make sure insurance companies don’t let you down. Our expert car accident lawyers can accelerate the speed of your case, bringing you closer to regaining financial independence after the accident occurs.

Damages you can recover

The days, weeks, and months that follow a car accident bring unwanted changes. Depending on the nature of the incident, you may find that you need to take time off work resulting in a loss of earnings. Additionally, you’ll need to repair your car and pay for your medical bills.

One of the most unhelpful elements of facing these damages is that insurance companies will encourage you to settle for less than you deserve. Doing this reduces the financial hit they need to take. Using our experienced car accident lawyers, you can prevent this from becoming a problem.

At Ingerman & Horwitz LLP, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with all kinds of car accidents. Working throughout major cities in Maryland, our car accident lawyers can help you recover the following damages:

  • Payments for medical care that arises as a result of the accident
  • Lost wages and reduced income
  • Replacing or repairing your vehicle
  • Meeting the costs associated with emotional trauma
  • Compensating for loss of lifestyle
  • Loss of life and wrongful death

While damages can’t replace some losses, they can ease your burdens. With the right car accident lawyers on your side, you can combat this difficult period in your life.

What to do after an accident

In the days and weeks that follow your accident, you may experience a sense of shock. Knowing how to negotiate the right settlement, deal with insurance companies, and seek the right medical assistance can feel overwhelming. That’s why the car accident lawyers at Ingerman & Horwitz LLP are here to help.

When you hire a car accident lawyer, you need to make sure you have some of Maryland’s best legal expertise on your side. The attorneys and staff at Ingerman & Horwitz LLP are recognized throughout Maryland for their excellence in handling car accident claims. While using our training and expertise, we’ll fiercely pursue the other party to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

While launching a full investigation into who’s to blame for your car accident, we’ll take all the steps required to complete your case as soon as possible. Our team is adept at handling the tactics insurance companies use, but we won’t let them stand in our way.

If you’re ready to seek justice following your car accident, schedule a free consultation by calling 800-776-4529.

Commonly asked questions

What happens if the other driver does not have insurance?

It’s still possible for you to file a lawsuit against an uninsured driver, but it’s often more complicated than when they do have insurance. Driver’s insurance is mandatory according to the State of Maryland laws, and you’ll need a well-equipped legal team to secure a positive outcome.

My car is totaled. What does that mean and what can I do now?

When your car is totaled it means that the costs of repairing it amount to at least 75% of its value. In such cases, your insurance company may refuse to cover the cost of repairing the car. However, we can use niche areas of car accident law to work around this.

How do I get my car repaired?

Following an accident, it’s always advisable to call your insurance company ahead of any repairs. You should then approach a garage and arrange for a vehicle inspection and repairs. During this process and once the work is complete you must keep your insurance company up-to-date with the work. Once the repairs are done, you can collect your car and liaise with your insurance company regarding the payments.

Will I get a rental car if I am not able to drive mine?

Finding yourself without a car can often feel like a chore, especially when you live in a rural area. The other party’s insurance company should provide you with a rental vehicle while yours is being repaired. When doing so, they should make sure the vehicle is comparable to the one that is being repaired. Some insurance companies may try to avoid doing this, but we can work with you to stop that happening.

What if I was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of my accident? Can I still recover damages?

The State of Maryland adheres to the contributory negligence law. This means if you’re perceived to be even slightly at fault for your accident, you forgo your rights to damages. If you weren’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision, expect the other party’s insurance company to use contributory negligence as a defense. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recover damages. One section of Maryland’s Transportation Code highlights how the absence of a seatbelt does not always mean you were negligent. Using our litigation skills, we may be able to use this law to your advantage.

If I don’t feel injured at the time of my automobile accident, do I still have to see a doctor?

It’s advisable to see a doctor as soon after your automobile accident as you can whether you feel injured or not. There may be a chance that you’ve been injured, but you’re not yet experiencing any symptoms. Additionally, if evidence of an injury occurs later, delaying medical attention may make your case more difficult to argue.

What I believe the accident was at least partly my fault?

Under the State of Maryland’s contributory negligence policy, being partially to blame for an accident means you’re unlikely to be able to claim damages. We would advise all our clients to avoid making this assumption until a full and professional investigation has taken place. When your emotions are heightened following an accident, it’s hard to make a balanced appraisal of the situation.

What is negligence? And how does it play a role in my car accident?

Negligence arises when someone has a duty of care, and they fail to meet it. As a driver, you have a duty not to drive recklessly. This means you shouldn’t speed, drive while drunk, drive aggressively, drive a non-roadworthy car, and so on. When determining negligence, your car accident lawyer and the other party will identify who was behaving recklessly. The negligent party is the reckless one, and so they must cover the costs associated with the accident if their recklessness was found to cause damage to the other person.

What are my claims options if I am a passenger in the accident and not the driver?

As the passenger who has been hurt in a car crash, you may find you have an easier time proving liability than the driver. This is because it’s highly unlikely the opposing party can claim contributory negligence to diminish the claim. However, you will still need to use the expertise of a skilled car accident lawyer to make sure you receive the right compensation.